CD Case-Thiner, Cheaper, Better !





Introduction: CD Case-Thiner, Cheaper, Better !

A CD case to hold as many CDs as you want for less than 10$.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

- Some CD pockets with no envelope-like fold
- One CD pocket with the fold
- Scotch tape

- Hot glue gun

Step 2: Putting the Pockets Together

Put some glue on two edges of the no envelope-like fold CD pockets. Make sure you put the glue at the bottom and not where the CD is meant to be insereted because then you would not be able to insert the CDs at all. Repeat this stage until you have enough pockets for you CD case.

Notice: You will have more pockets then you think. Some of the case's pockets are between the pockets you glued together, although the glue would not last much if you use all the pockets.

Step 3: Adding the Envlope-like Fold Pocket and Finshing the Gluing

Do the same with the envlope-like fold pocket but this time make sure the pocket is a little bit raised so the fold will fit the case.

Finally, add glue to the edges of the case. Don't get to much glue in. It might disturbe the CDs insertion.

Step 4: Adding the Scotch Tape

Add the scotch tape.

Step 5: Insert the Discs !

This is easy...



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    My solution: Thumb Drive and Ipod

    I know I have seen this before.

    I'm confused about what these are for. Are these just good for keeping CDs together? I imagine it would be difficult to find the CD you want (same problem my mother has with her 100+ discount cards in this little pocket of her purse). With them glued on like that, it would also be hard to take the middle CD out of the stack, since you'll be struggling to fit your fingers into get it. Alternatively, you could live in somewhere like Bangkok and buy these plastic sleeves for $1 for 50. Either way, good idea. Maybe you can make it into a book that flips.

    1 reply

    I know it's hard to get the discs out..But I don't use that case so much I just want some CDs together that's all.. Book that flips? What do you mean?

    I think by 'scotch tape' you mean Velcro (although it is quite possibly made by Scotch).

    1 reply

    Yepp that's Velcro =)