Picture of CD case calendar
use a CD case to make a desk calendar

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
you will need:

-thick paper
-a printer
- a CD case
-a computer
-a 4.75 by 4.75 inch calendar layout
Okok made it!7 months ago

I made a version of this to give as a (belated) Secret Santa present during the (belated) Xmas dinner with some friends this weekend!

I made the pictures to be more important, and they were all pictures of actions, demos, performances... carried out by the activist group we are members of - As I didn't know who would finally receive it, I tried to get almost all of us to appear in at least one of the pictures.
It was a great success, I've got requests to make more!

tcoletsos1 year ago

What did you use to hold the calendar side on the prefered angle?

Excellent idea, with so many possibilities
NdeNatali1 year ago
I think this could be useful for pictures too.
Pra_ga1 year ago

Hey I am going to make this one for sure!!

Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Wheeltrax1 year ago
Simply genius!