use a CD case to make a desk calendar

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

-thick paper
-a printer
- a CD case
-a computer
-a 4.75 by 4.75 inch calendar layout
<p>microsoft links are not working / not found </p>
<p>I made a version of this to give as a (belated) Secret Santa present during the (belated) Xmas dinner with some friends this weekend!</p><p>I made the pictures to be more important, and they were all pictures of actions, demos, performances... carried out by the activist group we are members of - As I didn't know who would finally receive it, I tried to get almost all of us to appear in at least one of the pictures.<br>It was a great success, I've got requests to make more!</p>
<p>What did you use to hold the calendar side on the prefered angle?</p>
Excellent idea, with so many possibilities
I think this could be useful for pictures too.
<p>Hey I am going to make this one for sure!! </p><p>Thanks a lot for sharing :)</p>
Simply genius!

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