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Ok this is a fun idea i had to take my favorite cd and turn it into a clock. Its very simple, takes very little time, and everyone seems to want one.

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
Cheap walmart clock, scissors, washable marker, some cds, and super glue.
joshbow31 year ago
Followed your instructions... extremely pleased with the final product!
14, 10:19 PM.jpg
merleman (author)  joshbow36 months ago
Looks great
Kaiven5 years ago
I think it looks better if you use one CD that has a cool design.
merleman (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
yes I agree thats why with mine I used the bob marley cd because he is my favorite artist, the reason I did the 3 cds is because a friend of mine wanted one but didnt want just one cd thus the cd collage
I agree too.
Kaiven merleman5 years ago
Ah, makes sense :)
Unless one of the two cds could be rigged to the second hand column and slip in behind and out from behind the other cd....

Unfortunately the second hand is usually is the inner column. :(
Still, good idea, even if it would change more slowly on another hand.  It still might be better than a static art form, different each time you check the time!
Dani19965 years ago
I'll do it