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Introduction: CD Clock

Ok this is a fun idea i had to take my favorite cd and turn it into a clock. Its very simple, takes very little time, and everyone seems to want one.

Step 1: Things You Need

Cheap walmart clock, scissors, washable marker, some cds, and super glue.

Step 2: Draw Lines

Exactly what the title says, just take the marker and draw lines on the back of the cds so they turn out looking pizzas.

Step 3: Cut

Now using the sissors, CAREFULLY cut along your lines. I say carefully because I broke several cds in this procceedure. After cutting take a few pieces of each cd and try to fit them into a new cd as seen in the picture.

Step 4: The Clock

Now that the cd is ready its time to prep the clock. If its a cheap walmart clock or any other cheap clock it just pops apart. If this isnt the case for your clock grab a hammer and go at it! all you need is the gear holder aka thing that makes clock tick.

Step 5: Glue

Now just super glue piece by piece untill clock is complete. Simple!

Step 6: Finished

Now that the clock is finished hang and admire. you can paint the hands if desired. Another way  I did this clock was just take one cd and super glue it on as seen in picture.



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    Followed your instructions... extremely pleased with the final product!

    14, 10:19 PM.jpg
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    I think it looks better if you use one CD that has a cool design.

    5 replies

    yes I agree thats why with mine I used the bob marley cd because he is my favorite artist, the reason I did the 3 cds is because a friend of mine wanted one but didnt want just one cd thus the cd collage

    Ah, makes sense :)

    Unless one of the two cds could be rigged to the second hand column and slip in behind and out from behind the other cd....

    Unfortunately the second hand is usually is the inner column. :(

    Still, good idea, even if it would change more slowly on another hand.  It still might be better than a static art form, different each time you check the time!