CD Lamp Shade





Introduction: CD Lamp Shade

It's another use of CD's-a lamp shade! When i just had a lamp without a shade somebody commented my CD box instructable- bumpus . He gave me the idea of making one, so half the aplause goes to him ;)

Step 1: Gathering Materials

We need six CDs (or just a CD box ), a soldering iron and a small lamp that will fit in our CD box. The lamp have to be not too small, because it would go out of the CD box.

Step 2: Making the Whole Thing

A. If you don't have a CD box
The construction is very easy. You have to place the cd's at 90 degree angle, and then you have to make little holes between them using hot soldering iron. Now if the "standing" cd won't fall, it means you can add third one (just the same way you attached the previous two CD's to each other). If it looks like the (3 CDs) construction on photo, repeat what whole thing to have two CD corners(made of three CDs). Now we have to put the lamp between those two corners, and then connect corners just to make a CD box.
B. If you do have a CD box
We have to unattach one CD of the box, put the lamp inside and then use soldering iron to put the CD back to its place.

Step 3: Light the Room Whit Your Lamp

Now you can light the room with your lamp. It looks kickass especially in night ;) I hope you enjoyed my instructable ;) Caution: Keep in your mind that the lamp can melt CDs from the heat generated by lamp.



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    15 Discussions

    cool i suppose you could do same with 7" vinyls ?????

    Cool use of the CD. It should be supplemented by design.

    You could just use a Fluorescent light bulb instead. No Heat ,No Melting!

    is it possible to make the cds heat resistant? i made my own hanging lamp out of a lightbulb socket with cord and switch, an old popcorn bowl, one cd(that is directly behind the bulb socket), and some old shoe laces. the cd melted ocmpletely and the popcorn bowl started too. i liked the lamp, and would love to get it working properly

    I did this a while ago.. one thing is you have to be careful how long you have your lamp on for.Left my room for 30 mins and came back and cds had started to melt

    3 replies

    I thought to myself that it would be kind of obivious that leaving any heat source can melt plasctic. But ok, I added a sort of caution to te instructable ;)

    That's so cool! If you could somehow add in RGB (or RBG, forgot.) LED lights, that would look awesome.
    +1 rating.

    HELL YEAH!!! i love getting half the applause, haha very well done i might say, i just need to focus on getting some decent light in my room first :D

    Instructions on how to put the lamp in the shade would be nice. Good idea though.

    I would make one (if you still have enough discs) with the reflective side inward so more of the light gets reflected around. It might make the lamp a bit brighter.

    2 replies

    Yes, but in fact I would have to use new, unmarkered (with cdmarker) CDs or DVDs. I'm kind of recycling the CDs and DVDs, not kind of waste them ;)

    Well if you have any paint for example, you could take an old disc that has a label and spray paint / brush on a uniform color so the outside of the cube is uniform and the reflective silver portion is on the inside. Just an idea of course. I'd try it but I don't have a heating element to melt the discs together.