CD-led-rainbow Mood Lamp





Introduction: CD-led-rainbow Mood Lamp

This is my first LED project. I got inspired by all the wonderful and imaginative work of some of the people who post/ share their work on this site. My idea was to see how the light of the leds will reflect of the cd's. The final result is very close to what I imagined it would look like. Then decided to buy some contact paper (silver) and to add few white leds to the project. I used a toggle switch (on-off-on) and a potentiometer for the white leds.

Step 1: What You Need

For the base of the lamp I used a piece of wood. Then I covered the plastic tube with silver contact paper, drilled a hole in the wood base, drilled four holes in the upper part of the plastic tube for the white leds.
I also covered the cds with silver contact paper.

Step 2: Prep Work

Step 3: Connecting the Leds

I used a on-off-on toggle switch so that i can have two circuits for each of the leds (white and colored). I also connected a potentiometer to the white leds so that I can control the brightness.
Take the positive of the phone charger and connect it to the middle leg of the switch.
Take the negative of the phone charger and connect it to the negative ends of BOTH color and white leds.

You are done:)

Step 4: Finished Product



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This is a very very cool idea, thank you