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Introduction: CD Light Reflector

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make a light reflector from an old CD. I got the original idea from

Step 1:

Cut a hole on the inside of the CD using a sharp knife or a hot blade. The diameter of the hole is equal to the diameter of the lampholder. in the figure, cut along the blue coloured circle.

Step 2: Just Slide the CD Onto the Inside of the Lampholder.

Just slide the CD onto the inside of the lampholder. No glue is necessary. Fix the the bulb onto the holder

Step 3: Switch on the Bulb!

just swtich it on.



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    technically chandeliers have to have more than one bulb :D

    I love to make the DVD chandelier myself. even i dont have a clue :-(

    the CD melts if it is in contact with the metal cylinder at the bottom of the bulb. BUT i have mounted the CD on the plastic lamp holder (see figure) . Therefore it does not melt

    how about that "dvd chandelier" more info please id love to make one for my computer room

    ya, i thought this was a good idea once when i was a kid, so i just sat a cd on top of a lightbulb. long story short, i got in trouble for melting a cd to a lightbulb, on top of that i used a Frogger cd so my sisters were angry.

    I've done this, but with a compact flourescent bulb. Widen the center hole by drilling on its edge at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. Cut the CD from the 12 o clock position to the center. Slip the CD over the two glass tubes between the base and the twisty bit, and twist 90 degrees. It snaps into the widened hole and lays flat. (And yes, I know it's really just one tube. In cross section, it's two.) I use this on bulbs hanging downward in my unfinished garage ceiling, so the CD rests on the relatively cool bulb, not the base. This reflects the light that would otherwise be wasted shining on the underside of the roof. [ ] [__] ___||___ //// ////

    DUDE! that stuff is a thermo plastic!
    the light relector idea is nice, but gotta be more creative! and careful!

    If you wanna do this with a lightbulb, instead of led's, do some thermal testing first, to make sure you have a 255% safty margin over whatever wattage you're gonna be using. Kinda reminds me of an old halogen lamp i had... got so hot, durning normal usage, that the glass safty surround warped. TEMPERED GLASS! now think what woulda happened had it been cd's!

    for "lamp shade" ideas goto
    I know it's mabey a bit "artsy" for some MAKErs, but give it a gander anyhow. Added bonus, if the bulb is susspended in the middle, heat buildup should not prove to be a problem.

    the cd melted and my room went on fire...