Picture of CD "BOOKENDS" - for CD's
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This CD "bookend" is made out of two CD's. One of them is heated, folded to 90 degrees, and glued to the other CD which is used as the base.

The bookends hold a collection of CD's vertically on a shelf the same way larger bookends are used for holding books.


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I always thought of CD's as being brittle. When you bend them cold, they usually shatter.

If you heat them first, however, they will bend without breaking. Folding them to 90 degrees turns out to be fairly simple. Just heat the line where you want them to bend with a propane torch, being careful to not burn the plastic. When the CD becomes flexible, hold it down with a block of wood and use another block of wood to fold the exposed area up against the side of the block.

Hold it until the plastic cools and it will keep the 90 degree angle.

I torched the shiny side of the CD. Any paint on the top side of the CD might burn if it is in direct contact with the flame. In making this bookend, the paint on the other side was not scorched.
this is pretty awesome. im gonna have to do this now.
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I like your enthusiasm. High five!
and a high five to you too.
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lol, nice