I have large sausage-like fingers. It's hard for me to manipulate tiny things sometimes.
I love the way PC games are packaged now, in DVD-style cases, but I don't like how multiple disks are stacked on top of each other. It makes it hard for me to grab the top disk without grabbing the whole stack along with it.

I also have a large number of empty CD/DVD cake boxes, filler disks, and foam spacers. I didn't ever throw them away in case I think of something to use them for.

Step 1: Eureka!

I just got through clawing my disks apart to get the one on top. I was looking at my stack of cakeboxes and it dawned on me. Try using a foam spacer in the DVD case. A, hah!

I got some of the spacers out and sorted them by thickness and experimented with a two-CD game in a DVD-style case.

The really thick gray ones were too thick. The really thin white ones were okay, but a little too thin. The cheap closed cell, low density foam ones were just right, as well as the nicer closed cell, high density white ones.


Now on to the games with more than two disks.
cut your finger nails! other than that, its a good idea. i dont have big fingers though.
I wish game manufacturers did it with all the banging around the cases go through on the way to the consumer's hands. There is a half mm thick rim on the center of the disks that keeps the data areas apart, but that's not too much space. And it's such an obvious idea, I hope no one thought of it before.
Awesome, I might do this, keeps the games from getting scratched, thanks!

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