Step 5: To shine or not to shine?

To help you make your mind up whether to nail your disks shiny side up or down, here are some pictures of them both ways up. I personally think the shiny side up looks nicer.

Some advantages to shiny side up:
- Might keep your dog house or shed cooler in the summer months, always a plus!
- The CDs might last longer if they reflect some of the UV rays, we'll see!

Some disadvantages of shiny side up:
- May annoy the neighbors when the sun's low.
- Some might think it looks silly!

<p>They're like fish scales...I like this!</p>
<p>I was wondering if I could use CDs/DVDs to create a garden mosaic. I know it's somewhat different from what you've done here (which is great btw!), but I was wondering how resistant they are to the environment outside (frosts, etc).</p>
<p>What about hail? I'd imagine the discs would crack apart as soon as a quarter-inch ball hits it.</p>
CDs are made of polycarbonate which has excellent impact resistance.
Really like this idea...was wondering if you could use the existing hole with a roofing nail (large head) and add something like a washer around the nail head to bridge the gap.<br>I live in the desert, where cd's would not even make it a 1/4 of the year in the sun but my first thought was ELASTOMERIC roof coating over the cd's would protect the surface and add another layer of moisture proofing. Or an aluminum roof coating like those used on mobile homes. I have the perfect project for this (a small 8 x 10 shed I'm starting to build from a free metal frame) and will post my results when I am done. I have both elastomeric and aluminum roof coating so perhaps I will try the experiment with both paints on each side of the roof.<br>Have you also thought of just using a product like Liquid Nails to glue down the discs? (Of course, wind being a factor) but again, if you &quot;seal&quot; the project with a paintable roof coating there is no gap for the wind to get under and work its magic.
they sell siding nails just like what you mentioned with fat heads and a little rubber washer that fits really snug and swells into any gap or crack sealing it off. they even come in ring shanks in stainless steel to help them stay in the wood under constant tension and resist corrosion.
Hi, and how was the durability at all?
Pretty good. There was a little bit of crazing of the foil after a year and a half but the polycarbonate wasn't brittle or cracked, just the foil. I threw it away after that as I moved.
The UV rays can break down the plastic in the cd's and warp them
This would also make a great chicken shed roof.
Oh! Oh! You could use a wall of them in your mini-greenhouse this year to help warm up the vegetables. <br><br>Love dem shiny discs!
To respond to a the solar panel idea, you could use the discs to augment an existing solar array but must be careful as to heat loads on the solar panels. You could also try an experiment with parabolic solar arrays (the discs would act as the reflective material to heat up the water which turns it to steam).<br>Yeah, I'm a solar nerdy.
That's why you remove the label first. I've found that steel wool removes it well while also giving it a really cool effect. Then your just left with the plastic. While not as interesting before it looks pretty decent if you spray paint abstract designs underneath. My fear with doing it long term outside would be heat resulting in warping. I may try this to create small cold boxes for my garden because I'm really curious about how it may come together.<br><br>We used this this similar idea on a float one year to make the scales on The Rainbow Fish for the library float. I wish I could find the photos to share.
Sorry!!! 256 CDs for each square meter...
Than you for sharing your great idea!! Im collecting old CDs to start my BBQ roof right now, but Im having problems with the numbers. You wrote with this method will need 120 CDs for each square meter, but drawing the arrangement in Corel Draw I get 424 CDs for square meter... Im doing some wrong?
Forget using these for roofing, I want to do this to the walls of a room!
cool idea
I want you to too. :D
Your house will become a giant deathray!
HEY UPDATE THIS YOU SAID TO REMIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
party pooper
The &quot;Concept,&quot; part sounds great.
i think someone already tried this with LPs...<br>
This is a wonderful way to recycle and be creative at the same time! I love the CD roof idea, it looks cool and stylish for a shed or dog house, maybe I will offer something like this to my customers!! http://www.room2roof.com
I was looking at this and am trying to think of a way to turn this into a solar panel. Any ideas would be nice.<br><br>As well, I was wondering, if you are worried about longevity what about covering this with plexiglass. As this would save from rain getting in the holes or possible weather cracking the cd/dvd. Just an idea to add a bit of life to this wonderful creation. <br><br>I am going to try to add a roof of these to my kids playhouse as it is cheaper and makes use of all these old CD/DVDs that are no longer used and had ads and AOL useless information.
this is very awesome for a nice <a href="http://www.alltexexteriors.com/replacement-windows-houston-austin/">roofing</a> it will stand in community
This is really great!<br><br>I've been considering building a bike shelter for our family and I want to do as much of it out of recycled/reclaimed/repurposed objects as possible. I've got a ton of ancient software disks that have just been waiting for good use; I think I've just found it.
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Ha ha. Thanks. I will write the update soon. It's still in good nick.
For real roofing requirement this one might not be so suitable but for decorative purposes I think this can be great. We're going to Burning Man (a weeklong camp in the desert) and been looking around for decorative ideas. Not only would lining the roof of our tents look cool with this but it may also help in deflecting the suns rays and keeping the tents a little cooler! In our case we may just create lines of cds using dental floss and overlap each line accordingly. Thanks for the tut!
I'd love to see photos of that :D Thanks

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