A music box is a wonderful gift for just about anyone on your list. These are directions for making a ceramic music box with a rotating figure on top. If you dont have access to a kiln and ceramic supplies the process can be easily adapted to air dry clay and acrylic paints. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
rolling pin
4X16" template
lg. yogurt containr
music box insert  
turn table adapter
turn extender
clear gloss glaze
cutting tool

Step 2: Music box supplies

Picture of music box supplies
(I get my supplies from national art craft, but most craft stores carry music boxes)

Step 3: Ceramic process

Picture of ceramic process
roll clay for cylinder base of music box, fit 4X16 template

Step 4: Cut

Picture of cut
carefully cut the shape

Step 5: Turn into cylinder

Picture of turn into cylinder
gently turn your clay into a cylinder shape

Step 6:

Picture of
give about a 2" overlay of clay at seam.

Step 7: Bottom

Picture of bottom
place cylinder on clay rolled enough to fit the size of the cylinder. cut an edge with about 1/5 inch edge.

Step 8: Attach bottom

Picture of attach bottom
reach inside cylinder and lightly hold clay around the bottom edge with you fingers. On the outside bottom edge gently push the clay up and press it against the bottom edge. Be sure your fingers are inside when you press or you may push the clay into an mashed shape!

Step 9: Lid

Picture of Lid
roll clay big enough to fit the top of a large yogurt container. Carefully cut around the edge. 

Step 10: Lid

Picture of lid
Make a hole in the center of the top

Step 11: Dry

Picture of dry
Let the clay dry on a board. Do not put the lid on or it may cave in. 

Step 12: Smooth edges

Picture of smooth edges
when the clay is leathery or hard, use a sponge to smooth the edges

Step 13: Topping

Picture of topping
create a piece to place on top of the music box. I chose to make a bird. First I shaped the body and head out of the clay

Step 14: Beak and eyes

Picture of Beak and eyes
I made the birds eyes and beak, when you make the beak or any piece of clay that you want to attach to another piece, gently score the clay (put small scratches in the clay) 

Step 15: Attach the beak

Picture of attach the beak
Then rub the scored area with a bit of slip (slip can be made by adding water to the clay and making it like paste, as a matter of fact when I work with clay, with my students I refer to slip as clay glue.)

Step 16: Head

Picture of head
next score the area on the body where the head will go.
use slip and attach the head.

Step 17:

Picture of

Step 18: Wings

Picture of wings
I rolled a little clay and cut wing shapes

Step 19:

Picture of
Next I scored the wings and used slip to attach them.

Step 20:

Picture of
then I made little indentations in the clay for feathers.

Step 21:

Picture of
Shaped the wings a bit more and he is done

Step 22: Dry

Picture of Dry
Let all your pieces dry completely and then bisque the clay. 

Step 23: Underglaze

Picture of Underglaze
Using underglazes paint your music box pieces.

Step 24:

Picture of

Step 25: Glaze

Picture of glaze
When everything is dry, (over) glaze all your pieces. I recently started using this crazy color green glaze. It will fire clear and glossy but goes on bright green. I like to use it with my students because it is easy for them to see if they missed any areas of their work while applying their glaze. 

Step 26: Finishing touches

Picture of Finishing touches
Fire your work in a kiln if you have access. If not follow these directions using air dry clay.
Add the extender to the turn style of your music box The clay of the lid id pretty thick so you need extra length to wind the music box.

Step 27:

Picture of
glue the music box to the underside of the lid

Step 28:

Picture of
next screw on the turn style 

Step 29:

Picture of
glue piece to turnstyle

Step 30: Finished

Picture of Finished
Place the music box lid on top of the cylinder and wind it up, your music box is complete!

Step 31: Frosty The Snowman

Picture of Frosty The Snowman
These are other music box ideas!
This one plays, Frosty the Snowman

Step 32:

Picture of

Step 33: Talk to the Animals

Picture of Talk to the Animals

Step 34: Chair

Picture of Chair
This one plays, "Im gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter"
And around the base it says, rest awhile, sit down, take a load off....

Step 35: Waltz of the Flowers

Picture of Waltz of the Flowers

Step 36: Beautiful Dreamer

Picture of Beautiful Dreamer

Etonnant!!! I must try this!!!