This is my CGG (Carrot's Generic Gun) with attachments. The red dot sight is similar to Red Book Of Westmarch's so credit to him

Step 1: The Main Gun

The RAM rod is a grey/black rod will a red connector and a green rod making an "L".

Step 2: The Stock With Headrest

Step 3: The Magazines

The mag pusher and the way to reload is the same for both magazines.

Step 4: The Sights

You should be able to figure out how to attach these to the gun using the intro.
It's like a nerf gun! cool:)
<p>Looks cool!</p>
I can assure you it isn't zombie, it's my own design
<p>Try and use the reply button if you can, how's the modding for Browning M1919 to shoot going, have you had any luck with it.</p>
<p>Oh yeah, i forgot about the reply button. As for the Browning, i got really pissed off at it because i couldn't get it to shoot well and still look good so i've taken a break from it by i'll return to it soon.</p>
<p>Ok just take your time with it and im sure you will be rewarded with something amazing. If you do succeed, you should post pictures of it.</p>
<p>I like it a lot!</p>
<p>Neat design, thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Im very sure that drum magazine is from Red's AA-12</p>
<p>It isn't. Red's one (which is actually BlackShadow12's one) is taller and takes 5.56 styled magazine in it. <br>This one here takes blue rods, and doesn't look as &quot;closed&quot; on the front and back.</p>
<p>Ok, I just looked through Red's AA-12 and I saw the link for his SWAT 556 and you were right about it belonging to BlackShadow12. </p>

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Bio: I'm a 16 year old who enjoys playing Rainbow Six, Battlefield, GTA, Assassin's Creed and similar games.
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