this is my first knex themed instructional  so uhh watch the video commet rate if i get a good enough rate ill post it be modded just wait for v.2 so see ya gypsies 

p.s in the back ground ull see my paper sniper rifle 
I was gonna reply to your comment but you stickied it so...<br><br>No. Nobody cut me any slack when I was new. Why should I go soft now? Besides that it isn't even your first gun.
the hammer gun is a mod not my own design now cause of u im making my mimic series guns like my desert eagle
In all fairness this isn't the worse gun posted. At least it uses a turret.
Yea, true =D You seen my new <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-9LRMS-Prototype-9-Layered-Removable-Mag-fed-/">shotgun</a>?
thank u at least some ppl arnt haters
Wow... You know you shouldn't knex when you can't even make a block trigger right. This design is so messy and you didn't even make anything right, especially the trigger, handle, or turret.
hey could u cut people slack when its there first gun ever soo yea newbes have to be cut some slack dont u think

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Bio: newbe hated knexers no body Favorited knexers killer safe cracker apples!!
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