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Attention All Grill Masters: looking for that special ingedient to enhance your BBQ? Look no further. My charcoal salt recipe is perfect for adding just the right touch of smoke with a spicy element that leaves your tongue tingling and a lemony garlic finish that will have you sprinkling this salt on everything. 

Inspired by Adam Perry Lang's recipe from the book Charred & Scruffed



1 DRIED HABANERO POD (1/8 tsp in recipe)







To make charcoal salt, use a microplane and grate one tablespoon of charcoal into a bowl. In another bowl, use the microplane to grate the rind of one lemon.  Next, add 1 cup of kosher salt and one teaspoon of garlic salt. Stir to combine. Add one habanero pod to the spice grinder. I found it easier to break the habanero pod up into smaller pieces for a finer grind.The consistency will be close to red pepper flakes. This is really spicy stuff! Don't add more 1/8 of a teaspoon. It really packs a punch.

Next, add the tablespoon of charcoal to the bowl with the salt mixture. Use your fingertips to grind the charcoal into the salt mixture. Remove any residual large lumps of charcoal.

Your Charcoal Salt is ready for use! Generously sprinkle onto steaks, chicken or your meat of choice. You can also try the salt when grilling fish like salmon. Just use it in place of regular salt and add a touch of black pepper. This salt can also be used as a finishing salt. It's pretty salty so you only need a small pinch. Remember when using salt, it's easy to over do it. You can always add more, but you can't take the salt away once you've added it. There's nothing worse than over salted food. 

Store Charcoal Salt in an airtight Jar. It should keep for a few weeks up to month. 

**Always use precaution when using peppers** Touching your face and other body parts will cause a burning sensation. You can use gloves if you're really sensitive. 

Happy Fathers Day! This would make an awesome gift for Dad!


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    hey...loks cool...but why to put charocoal in salt? i can't imagine it can make better taste on steak...i remember the taste of charocoal tablets what my mom uset to give me when i was sick and it wasn't good ;) ... (sorry for my english...)

    2 replies

    There are many different finishing salts which is what I consider this salt.You wouldn't believe some of the flavors of salts on the market today. Some are even infused with wine!
    This salt has more of salty flavor than charcoal. The charcoal is very subtle.

    You should try it! You might like it!

    Maybe i will try it...but wine salt souds more sympatic for me =D i saw awesome lime or parsely salt =) just peel the lime (or add parsely leaves), mix the zest with salt and let it dry in oven, then blend it together =) that is taste i can imagine on my steak much more =D

    Congratulations Imnopeas :)). You are winner.

    Thanks I really liked the idea.
    based on the proposal made ​​my adaptation.
    Sea Salt
    Lemon peel
    Charcoal tablets for medicinal use.


    Gracias me gusto mucho la idea.
    En base a esta propuesta hice mi adaptación.
    Sal Marina
    Piel de Limón
    Pastillas de carbón de uso medicinal.

    This is really interesting. It would seem the choice of the charcoal source would be important. I use smoke flavoring/seasoning, but this would offer the choice of wood source for different flavors and control of the smoke seasoning.

    C'mon folks, hasn't anyone heard of treating poisoning with activated charcoal? You can also buy it as a supplement. Just break open the capsules, and your good to go.

    2 replies

    The point of using the hardwood charcoal, and not a capsule of activated charcoal is to get the smokey wood flavor you would get from grilling over the same charcoal.

    I realize that. The point of my comment was to illustrate that charcoal can be consumed.

    Awesome peas! Just AWESOME!

    Looks delicious. Makes me wonder how good it would taste with popcorn.

    1 reply

    Thanks! I'm not sure popcorn would be the best use of the salt, but if you try it, let me know how it turns out.

    They used to sell charcoal capsules as a stomach remedy to absorb acids. I saw some for sale around 2000 but bit since then.

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply! Your explanation is sufficient enough for me to try this recipe! ;-)

    Cool idea, and nice pictures too !! Just a thought though, isn't burnt food carcinogenic, i.e charcoal?

    1 reply

    Thanks! In large quantities yes, but it's no different then the smoke particles that end up on your food when you grill or BBQ.

    Dumb question Alert! Can we eat charcoal? I've never heard of this!

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    It's actually not a dumb question at all. The charcoal in this salt is made from mesquite logs. It's not the chemically processed briquettes that are typically used in BBQ like Kingsford. Charcoal in this form poses no threat. In fact, charcoal is used to filter water and is also used a lot in the medical field.

    I never knew something like this actually exists, until I read your ible. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness :)

    1 reply

    Thanks Tarun! :-)