-the pictures are here
-the stylus can be good for pen spinning also

****UPDATE ***
-made an extend able stylus (perfect for presenting to small groups)
-pen rubber grip added with hot glue to hold it well
-looks slightly better
-remove teflon tape as it has smudge also
-aluminum tip which does not scratch the ipad
 -pictures coming up tomorrow

going back to school? you can use an ipad and save your back just put in ebooks got an ipad/ipod/iphone and want a stylus?
but the problem is...
1) the commercial ones are well...$$$$$$$$$$ get the idea...
2) some diy ones are well...??!!??#! not so "nice" tin foil sticking out all over....and it does not look that stylish..does not go with the "apple feel" *note not all diy are ugly*
 3) why stylus? just use your finger!! well..its the smudge problem and finger print all over use a stylus when possible...

so here is my solution...
materials needed
1) metal rod  (i use broken antenna)
2) some tin/aluminum foil
3) tapes (i use 2 types, masking tape and electrical  tape)                   <-need at least 1
4) a little glue
5) plumbing sealing tape (the withe one i think its called teflon tape)   <-optional
6) pen rubber grip <--optional


please rate and comment 
and vote if you like it for the "gorilla glue contest" and "back to school contest"

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Step 1: The idea of how it works

Picture of the idea of how it works
basically you need to conduct electric from your hands (no batteries required) to the screen
so you need to hold a piece of metal
the problem is you need the "head" which contact the ipad to be identified as a "blob" go touch a piece of glass and see 
so the blob needs to be big enough and flat enough and conduct
we also need to prevent the screen from getting scratched 

 the good news is that it can "conduct" through thin layers of other stuff like screen protectors and teflon tape

the pictures below shows the stylus half done but usable
XxProudxGamerxX made it!1 month ago

OMG I can't believe it actually works! Seemed way too easy but it works, I post my picture here, but I still can't believe how easy it was... amazing. I am impressed. Kudos to you sir. ✔

timothymh4 years ago
You don't need to conduct electricity from your body to the iPad, that's just silly. Your finger acts as a conductor from one part of the iPad to the other. It could just as easily be a piece of rubber with a metal tip.

well the ipad/ipod/iphone screens read the electric jolts that your body make everytime you move so the stylus will have to make contact with the body at some point or it will not work....or if you were using say a conductive foam you would not need to be touching it but it does need a completed circut
no need to touch the body
All you need is a conductor that has a somewhat sizable surface area. All of the "IT NEEDS TO CONNECT TO YOUR BODY" talk is f@%&ing bull s#$t. You know the best stylus ever? YOUR FU(%ING FINGERS. The apple products are designed for your fingers, stop trying to make them better. Millions are spent on designing and testing them, if a stylus would have beenn helpful, Apple would have made it already.
Apple did make a stylus do some research before you reply
they have made a stylus
michaelgohjs (author)  timothymh4 years ago
hmm..good point there..
well.. actually i had a look at most people's stylus and they all said you NEED to touch the metal and conduct it to the ipad
HOWEVER after reading what you said i tested it out and you are right..
i am guessing the ipad detects a physical blob and its shape more than electrical conductivity stuff...
but all my attempts to build a stylus without metal parts dont seem to work, although a stylus with some metal works well

anyone who really knows how apple multitouch works can explain it here?
well I have tested timothymh's principal and it did not work your body is constanly putting out negative electricity which I think is how the i devices multitouch works
What kind of test did you give her? Unless it was a very easy one, I'm not surprised that she didn't pass the test.

...Anyway, what does my principal have to do with touch-screens? She didn't invent them, did she?

Seriously though, when I wrote that comment I didn't own an iPad. I've tried my idea with it and you are correct, it does not work—though I don't believe this "putting out negative energy" stuff. Either that would be a circuit which doesn't follow the rules of physics, or we would be constantly losing energy, which wouldn't be good for survival.
I think that what he means is if you hold the two leads of a multimter, you will find that your body gives off a faint current (Your body, after all, does run off of electrical signals), and that is what the screen is using to track your finger. To test: take a AA or AAA battery and put the negative end on the screen and move it, the i(pad, phone, touch) will respond, put the positive end on and it will not.
Very cool! I did not know that and it works!
Interesting... That could be true, then. So just make a stylus out of a battery... ;)
I think it just needs something that conducts electricity to register. Most things that are metal may be to small to register.
NatDuv3 years ago
Works great and was easy to make. Thanks!
NatDuv3 years ago
I'll try this out and see what happens.
kauaileslie3 years ago
Best drawing device, that won't scratch your iPad, is just an old fashioned sponge cut into a little cone - pointy end draws nicely and a package of 4 I think are about $.99! Will keep you in stylus' for many years!
axeman9113 years ago
yay!! awesome! :)
michaelgohjs (author)  axeman9113 years ago
geekX4 years ago
A panel laminated on the glass senses your touch using electrical fields. (from the apple iphone website)
Criket4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
michaelgohjs (author)  Criket4 years ago
this is from the gorilla glue contest page
"The rules are simple: make a new Instructable that involves an adhesive to enter the contest. It can be a product from Gorilla Glue OR NOT, just as long as it's stuck together and it's awesome"
and i did use quite a lot of hot glue which is a thermal-adhesive
Clareqdav4 years ago
Omg I love this!! I just made it, except I covered a pencil with foil, works great, using it right now!!!! Capital Amazing :)
michaelgohjs (author)  Clareqdav4 years ago
THANKS glad you made it and its working well for you
michaelgohjs (author) 4 years ago
well some schools might allow it
hmm but i know universities allow it
Thats awesomee :)
At my school you have to use the books they give you...
michaelgohjs (author) 4 years ago
well depends on which school..
some might allow..but hey if you load nothing but ebooks into it i am sure the teachers have no reason to say you cant right
Are you allowed to use an ipad in school?? omg thats dope.