1. Box Fan
2. Two Cloths pins the spring kind
3. Glue
4. A Bed Sheet
5. A Chair

 First take your two cloths pins glue them to the top of the box fan i used hot glue it worked great.
Next take the chair, put it at the foot of your bed.
  Now take the box fan put it on the chair you should probably secure it some how like tape or zip ties so it doesn't tip over if you kick it.
Attached bed sheet to the cloths pins.
THERE YOU GO! sleeping under a blanket of cool air instead of cooling down the whole room! Saving you money  on cooling PLUSE
 its really great like sleeping in a cloud.  I cant sleep any other way now in the summer.

Great idea! Gonna give it a shot!
I used to do this hen I had a water bed. I tucked the sheet betweenthe frame and the water mattress, and it inflated over me
i never sleep under covers in the summer and im in god-awfully hot and humid alabama. no ac either. just on the bed on top of the sheet (no blanket, comforter, etc. its hot just laying on top of one) with just a small tabletop fan directly on me.
This is a great idea... but the fan blowing on your feet and legs might cause you to wake up with a charly-horse (muscle spasm) in your leg calf muscles. As we get older, just sleeping with your legs outside the covers can cause leg cramps. You might want to control the fan speed to just the right speed by connecting a LIGHT DIMMER. Here is an instructable for making one of those: <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-Inline-Lighting-Dimmer-for-725/ <br> <br> <br> <br>
Nice, I used to do this alot but never thought about putting an ible up. party on towards going off the grid.
This is a pretty good hack. I slept this way minus the blanket one summer and that was okay, but this would've been much better. It also would keep the bugs off you, too. Nice job!<br><br><br>

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