Traditional repoussé (embossing metal) requires tar and torches and expensive tools and hammers....my method requires NONE of that. This can be done in your own home with a few ordinary tools you already own. A few bucks will get you all the materials you need to make something like this. And guess what??? it's EASY too!

There's also a FREE template available on my WEBSITE with dozens of designs like you see in this video. Use them to make armor accents (like I do) or make some custom kitchen backsplash tiles, Christmas ornaments, or anything else you can think of!

Step 1: View the Video on YouTube

View the video above for everything you need to know about my cheap and easy (addictive) method!

Where can I find the tutorial for making the box you are using
<p>One small question: What method do you use to transfer your image to the surface of the metal? Do you use a piece of carbon paper?</p>
that was the method I was GOING to use, however I couldn't find any carbon paper at the hobby store. I just traced along the lines with a charcoal pencil, flipped it face down, and rubbed it with my fingernails really well. It transferred enough of the charcoal onto the brass that I could see the basic shape
<p>Great work! <br>But i'm confused? (I'm new at this)<br>The first part when you used the screwdriver, were you hammering it or just digging/outlining into the metal with a bit of pressure?<br>Also, What kind of metal do you use?<br>And, are you going to do a step by step instruction or just a video ( which is great) but my computer is too big to move into the garage/too cold in the winter and it's too messy... LOL!</p>
<p>For the screwdriver parts, yes I hammered on it lightly. Most of the work in the middle was just pressed on though, and not really hammered much. You can use any metal you like really. I used brass. 26 gauge. I don't do step by step instructions as I feel this is a process that needs to be seen in action in order to understand it. Still pictures won't help people much.</p>
<p>BTW your videos are very profesional! :)</p>
Been wanting to teach myself this for adding detail to moto gas tanks and such. Cool vid man!
<p>Great Video, thanks for posting. I am playing around with this process as well!!!</p>
<p>Pretty neat. I always wanted to make a shot bag to work metal on. This looks easier. I am wondering what kind of metal you are using. Is it steel?</p>
<p>This is brass. .010&quot;. .015 will also work (I used it in another video). Steel will work fine too, probably at similar thicknesses. This process is going to be more precise than a shot bag, and it is probably easier too. Certainly cheaper.....unless you already own the shot bag.</p>
The video doesn't show up
There must be some issue with the website. I see it on my computer. If you are on a mobile device, try using a computer instead. Or go to YouTube and search for &quot;Armor Accents in Repouss&eacute;&quot;
<p>You have some really cool stuff here! I'd love to see some step by step info on this so it would be easy to take out to the shop when working on this stuff. I'd really want to get dirt in my laptop. Keep up the good work!</p>

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