This is an easy way to control what cards are dealt out to yourself and others. This method does not use any complicated procedures like deck switching or palming. If you can count, you can stack a poker deck.

Step 1: Texas Holdem Overview

In a typical game of texas holdem, players are each dealt two cards face down followed by the flop (3 community cards), a turn (the fourth community card), and the river (the last community card).
<p>I tried it out, and it worked, but wouldn't I always be playing with the same cards?</p>
wow i will get in troble with my nebihor for this one ha ha
im going to try that and bet money
good luck chum
also everyone ask the guy to the left to cut right before you deal so all the work was for nothing, unless you know a trick for that too
This will only work if you know what everyone was holding the hand before. Most of the time people fold the cards and randomly toss them into the burnt pile
I think these kind of tutorials are great to spot cheaters. Thank you!
interesting way to make money but it takes most of the fune out of poker if you are just playing it for fun not money
but you always have to shuffle
i admire you. i looked for a easy and fast fake shuffle for over a week. a just di dthem right now, 10 secondes ago, and the second look the be the better for me. thanks!
Glad you found them useful. These shuffles are meant to be easy enough to do well with little practice. If you want to learn anymore, let me know and I can post a tutorial covering a number of easy and more advanced techniques.
Yeah sure! I am just laughing at my self, when im re-reading this messages. look at the spelling!
Assuming the other players aren't drunk, you'd think someone would remember having e.g. the same aces in their previous hand? L
anyone who plays poker regularly should be offering a cut before dealing--how do you take this into account? also, how good of a friend are you if you're cheating at poker?
LOL, obviously not a good friend if you are cheating them at poker. But that's not entirely what this tutorial is about. Nowhere did I say, "now go cheat your friends out of money". Sometimes I'll set up my friends with a split pot just to see them go at each other. They all know better now, but it's fun to do when new people come in to the game. As for a cut, there are two ways around that. Have your stack marked in the middle of the deck, and either cut to it yourself in front of everyone, or have someone in on it (this is what i've done). Remember, as is the case with all tutorials in grey ethical domains, this can also be used as a tool to know what to look for. My best advice, have someone else cut the deck with a joker so there is no top stack, and the joker will help to prevent bottom dealing. If they still can cheat, maybe they deserve to do so :-)
I do agree with you about knowing what to look for--whenever I play with someone new, I'm sure to watch them shuffle and deal, and make sure they offer a cut to the person to their right--you should never let the dealer cut his own shuffle. Also, if you're worried about bottom dealing you can use a cut card like you said--a joker, or even better one of the plastic cut cards like they use in casinos.
To a trained eye, the second and third shuffle both look fake and the first one looks fishy. I would question it, but since when I play, the person to the dealer's left gets to cut, it wouldn't really make all that much of a difference if you stacked the deck. Also, there's another false shuffle that looks a lot like the standard overhand shuffle that people are used to. I don't remember what it's called., and I'll look for it to see if I can't link it. Basically, what you do is pull from the back of the deck, and bring it over the top. Use the thumb of the hand holding the deck to start with to shift take the first card....I'm not explaining it well. Maybe I'll do an instructable if I can't find anything good on it. It requires practice, but looks good.
You're right, to a trained eye, those shuffles definitely are suspect. You must be good at sleight of hand cause I think you're talking about a side overhand shuffle. There you jog a card out when you begin stripping off cards. You're right, that is a great false shuffle, but I wanted to keep this as basic as possible. Thanks for the comment.
I'm OK at slight of hand. I know a few things. That's the one I'm talking about. It definately is not for the "slight" of heart. :) I used to carry a deck of cards with me and practice it in the airports and what not. It takes time to master, and I don't know if it would pass when I do it.

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