Step 2: 2. Stuff That Glows in the Dark.

This is extremely simple to do the only and it can very very helpful at home. Some people tent to get up at night and if you are the kind of person that likes to be green and and save in energy, this is the hack for you.
If you dont want night lights because the waste energy just make you own glow in the dark tape that you can stick on any surface that you want to make visible at night with the lights off.

Glow in the dark paint (picked it up at home depot for $4)
Duct tape
Blue painters tape
Paint brush


Depending what surface you want to cover is the kind of tape you are going to use,
if you want to cove steps and floors you want to use duct tape because is heavy duty and will not come off when walking over it.
if you are going to put it in walls, over light switches and stuff the you wanna use blue tape because it does not damage the surface or the paint.

fist place the tape over a surface like a window , then paint over it when is dry put another coat and after it dries you are ready to use and star taping what ever you like.
Homemade miniatures, doll accessories, grippy soles on socks. These sprang to my mind just now. Don't know if anyone else had these thoughts... :D :D
What a great stress reliever and exercise tool. I will look for a really thick balloon so it lasts long. To increase stress put in a little milk, yeast, warm water and a little elbow grease with your hand and step back and enjoy.
I wonder. . . if I had a big enough balloon and a lot of flour, i think i could make a chair or bed!!!!
haha thats the one thing i always wanted to do, specially the chair. if you ever do it definitely let me know.
Wow, thats alot of sugru.<br><br>Cool hacks, I want to try the stress reliever toy.
That is a winner... its really cool to see how you can get it to do all kinds of face expressions

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