Chili Cheese Fondue

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This has been a favorite recipe in my family for years. Perfect for Super Bowl, football parties, or anytime. It freezes well and a great treat weeks later for that late night snack! Simple to make and just a couple hours in a crock pot and its done. I hope this is a VOTE for me-thanks!
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Step 1: Gather ingredients

Picture of Gather ingredients

1 can of chili-con-carne (NO BEANS)
1 can tomatoes (14 ½ oz) but cut up if not chopped- do not drain
1 large Velveeta Cheese (2 #)
2 cans Mexican green chili’s (drained and chopped)
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

(Optional) Jalapeno peppers chopped (fresh is best) - I always add these for that extra zip

Step 2: Cut up Velvetta cheese

Picture of cut up  Velvetta cheese
and add all the ingredients

Step 3: Mix all Ingredients

Picture of Mix all Ingredients
Simmer 2 hours on low heat on stove or in slow cooker. I test after one hour and add Jalapeno peppers or more crushed red peppers for that right zing that I enjoy with a spicier flare. I also freeze what I do not use and I can freeze up to three months and just defrost and microwave for those last minute guests for an appetizer.
Serve with tortilla chips and I do apologize as this is very addicting!

Step 4: Done and ready for that Super Bowl Company

Picture of Done and ready for that Super Bowl Company
Serve over chips or in small auj dishes for dipping!
trans4mation10 months ago
I am eating this as I type, watching the game. Excellent recipe, we made a few mods but wow, this is genius. Thank you!
T-BONE31 year ago
Yum yum
eddevine1 year ago
Absolutely delicious, thank you for posting
bgg19541 year ago

This is one of my favorite appetizers and this one that I can't stop eating!

lgiuliani (author)  bgg19541 year ago

Glad you love the fondue; being a WI Packer & cheese lover fan like me-I know what you mean about can't stop eating them!

Oooh, I've been wanting to make a fondue like this!

lgiuliani (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Glad you came across this recipe Penolopy. It is so simple to make and its super delicious!

HollyMann1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this - I can tell everyone this is the BEST dip EVER - and so addictive! I love it!!! I'd be afraid to make it because I can't stop eating it.

lgiuliani (author)  HollyMann1 year ago

Thanks Holly-I know you have had this many times and I love making it and freeze it for last minute guests--can't wait to see you and Josh again!