These are benches for outdoor seating, made from recycled chimney blocks and pressure treated lumber. You could purchase new blocks at the home center if you don't have any used ones available. These break down for winter storage.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


2X6X8 Pressure treated boards (2 for each bench)
1X4X8 pressure teated boards (3 for each bench)
2 1/2" Coated deck screws (I used 3 in each area of the 2X6s, total of 30)
1 5/8" Coated deck screws (I used 2 in each area of the 1X4s, 10 for each board, total of 60)
Chimney blocks (2 for each bench)
Exterior latex paint
Deck stain and sealer


Power miter saw or table saw
Power drill
Small square
Corner clamps or band clamp
Pipe clamps
Paint brush or roller
Clever use of otherwise useless objects. Are they comfortable?
 Actually, they are at just the right height and surprisingly they are comfortable.
Those are really sharp and nice and wide. I was thinking flue liners when I read the heading, probably because I made a bench from 2 recycled flue liners and a 5foot lenght of bridge planking 6x18"

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Bio: I like to make things; whether it be out of wood, metal or soft things like fabric, yarn or food.
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