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Now you don't have check your calorie meter before eating this cake.

A lava cake having both the flavours of fresh orange and Chocolate.

Step 1: Ingredients

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Chocolate Cake

  1. Mix Flour (Whole Wheat flour [ 1/2 cup ], Roasted oats Flour [ 1/2 cup ], Refined Flour [ 1/2 cup] )

2. Olive oil or Refined Oil [ 1/2 cup ]

3. Castor Sugar [1 cup ]

4. Buttermilk [ 1 cup ]

5. Cocoa Powder [ 5-6 tbps]

6. Coffee [ 2 tbps ]

7. Milk [1 cup ] { Acc. to need }

8. Baking Powder [1 1/2 tbps ]

9. Baking Soda [3/4 tbps ]

10. Salt [1 pinch ]

11. Vanilla Essence [2 tbps ]

12. Raisins & Fine Chopped Almonds [ 2 tbps ]

Orange Cake

  1. Ingredients 1-3 & 8-10 are same as above.

2. Orange juice [ 1 cup ]

3. Orange Zest [ 1 tbps ]

4. Cottage cheese [ 3-4 tbps ]

5. Milk [ 1/2 cup ] { Acc. to need }

For Garnish

  1. Fresh Hung Curd - [1 1/2 cup]

2. Chocolate syrup [ 1/2 cup ]

3. Orange jam [1/2 cup ]

4. Basil Leaves

Step 2: Preparation of Chocolate Cake

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1. MIx dry ingredients (Mix Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder, Salt ) and strain it into a plate.

Step 3:

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1. Mix oil and sugar in a bowl

2. Add buttermilk into the the bowl.

3. Slowly add the dry ingredients while sauteing so that no lump formation take place.

4. Add milk acc. to the need while sauteing. (Acc. to the need )

Step 4:

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1. Take 1/4 cup of boiled milk in separate bowl.

2. Add 2 tbps of coffee powder when milk temp. comes at room temp.

3. Mix it well.

Step 5:

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1. Now add coffee milk into the cake batter.

2. Mix it well

Step 6:

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1. Add 2 tbps of vanilla essence.

Step 7:

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1. Now mix the batter well with blender while adding milk into it the to prevent lumping.

Step 8: Preparation of Baking Dish

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1. Grease the baking dish with 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbps refined flour. (Or you can use butter paper, greasing spray etc.)

2. Now slowly pour the batter in the dish.

3. While pouring add raisins and to it layer wise.

TIP : Cover the raisins and with a little refined flour, it prevents the sinking of raisins into the bottom.

4. Now put baking dish in preheated microwave oven and set the timer for 10-12 min. ( You can use oven with same temp. and time you make it for other cakes.)

Step 9: Preparation of Orange Cake

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Same procedure as before in Chocolate cake.

1. In this instead of (cocoa powder and coffee) you add Orange juice & Orange zest.

2. Orange Zest is prepared by scrubbing the peel of orange with a scrubber.

Warning : Remember to scrub the upper orange layer of orange and it shouldn't reach the white layer, otherwise it will give a bitter taste.

Step 10: Preparation of Orange Jam

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1. Add 1/2 cup pulpy orange juice in pan.

2. Add 4-5 tbps castor sugar.

3. Add 1 tbps of Orange zest.

4. Heat it for 5 min. in the pan while sauteing.

5. After it put it in the freezer for cooling off.

Step 11: Cutting Process

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1. Now cut both the cakes with cake with cake cutter.

2. Slice it evenly in 3 pieces.

3. Add layer wise acc. to your wish (Orange- Chocolate-Orange) or (Chocolate-Orange-Chocolate)

Step 12: Preparation of Cream

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1. Take 1 1/2 hung curd (curd without water)

2. Add 3-4 tbps castor sugar

3. Now beat it well untill a thick cream density is reached.

4. Now add cream on the first layer while keeping the center open.

5. Put orange jam in the center.

6. Now put the second layer with cream and add chocolate syrup or melted chocolate in the center.

Step 13: Final Garnish

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1st cake

1. Now add cream over the top layer.

2. Design it over the top with orange cream (cream + orange jam)

2nd Cake

1. Cover the whole cake with cream.

2. Now from over the top add chocolate syrup.

3. Take a table spoon and smudge the cream and syrup (To give it nice smudge texture)

4. Add 1 tbps orange jam in the center and over it basil leaf for garnish.

Now Enjoy it with a big bite :))


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