{CHRISTINE} How to Make a Rhinestone & Ruffled Headband



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Introduction: {CHRISTINE} How to Make a Rhinestone & Ruffled Headband

About: Hoping to inspire you to create something EXTRAordinary from just ordinary things (fabric, scissors, thread & needle - to name a few) This is where I post the Simple Wedding Projects for the Do-It-Yo...

This is a tutorial on how to make a rhinestone & ruffled headband. It is an easy diy headband that you can create to match your reception gown or change the color to match the bridesmaids dresses. Have fun with it! I hope this inspires you to create something YOUnique.

Since, I got to spend the Memorial weekend somewhere peaceful, I thought I would share a glimpse of Lago Vista, TX with you. I captured my balcony view while recording the tutorial. It was fun so maybe I"ll start taking you guys with me on different adventures. What do you think? :) Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial...

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