CIRCUIT BENT Fun FURBY 2005 by BMc of California





Introduction: CIRCUIT BENT Fun FURBY 2005 by BMc of California

About: bMc, an electronic tinkerer (circuit bending bent)teacher, author, and creator of Unique Modified Whacked Musical Instruments and synthesizers. Avid Drummer and synth modder

This little 2005 Furby Doll emulates Speech and Audio from any source. HE or she, spits out the glitched circuit bent audio with animated mechanical antics.

Step 1: Purchase a NEW 2005 Furby--choice of FUR and Eyes

Step 2: Carefully Cut Off All Fur and Strapping Plastic That Holds Fur on the Furby.

I will add photos and a Video to "YOU soon---sorry"

Step 3: Find the Black Blob IC Chip, Located on the Right Upper Side of the Beast.

Step 4: Clip Various Connection to Modify the Resistance Level to the Processor Voice Chip.

Step 5: Add 1.5 Meg or Higher Potentiometers to the Clipped Components.

Step 6: Add Metal Body Contacts, Soldered From the Black Blob Tracing Spots.

Step 7: Add Pots and Switches to the Mechanical Circuit Board IC Pattern.

Step 8: Add a 1/4" Jack for Amplification.

Step 9: Add Photo Cells for Laser Activated Glitching and Voice Emulation.



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    Looks ruthless and so so awesome. Thank you for sharing it! Will try out with my old Furby for sure!

    the hobbinator... He'll be back... and there again... Movie Pun!

    i just took my furby apart and i want to fix it and put it back together cuz now that it got no fur if it starts talking to my then i might cry out of fear cuz this thing is creepy

    dont know who got me into this furby conversation but it was not me and count me out

    well my furby don't listen to me. Can someone help me please KYLE CRASH

    angrydroid is a KOOL Dude from the east coast.............he will become a great circuitry repurposer, and or, circuit boarder soon..he has the glitch and the itch! If any of you guys need help starting, just email me, I will gladly help. I would invite you to my shop, if you could get to Oklahoma (in the sticks) lee daniel at bMc p.s. sorry for the few pictures of the 2nd gen furby.

    I decided to retract my statements about bMc and this Instructable. For the record bMc is a great guy and these guys with the sacks of concrete just made the most lovely offer of some shoes custom-made just for me. An offer I simply CANNOT refuse...

    How wrong you are. This is one of those giant furby's that can talk and dance and shit. My little sister had this and I circuit bent it also, it looked very close to that. I still admire that you tried to explain why hes a fraud unlike other poeple who jsut say: He/She is a fraud!


    11 years ago

    here is what somebody elese did with there furby

    got to love microwaves
    2 replies

    That wasnt a microwave. They put like 150,000 volts through it. I remember seeing it.