This little 2005 Furby Doll emulates Speech and Audio from any source. HE or she, spits out the glitched circuit bent audio with animated mechanical antics.

Step 1: Purchase a NEW 2005 Furby--choice of FUR and Eyes

Step 2: Carefully Cut Off All Fur and Strapping Plastic That Holds Fur on the Furby.

I will add photos and a Video to "YOU TUBE.com soon---sorry"

Step 3: Find the Black Blob IC Chip, Located on the Right Upper Side of the Beast.

Step 4: Clip Various Connection to Modify the Resistance Level to the Processor Voice Chip.

Step 5: Add 1.5 Meg or Higher Potentiometers to the Clipped Components.

Step 6: Add Metal Body Contacts, Soldered From the Black Blob Tracing Spots.

Step 7: Add Pots and Switches to the Mechanical Circuit Board IC Pattern.

Step 8: Add a 1/4" Jack for Amplification.

Step 9: Add Photo Cells for Laser Activated Glitching and Voice Emulation.

<p>Looks ruthless and so so awesome. Thank you for sharing it! Will try out with my old Furby for sure!</p>
that thing is scarey
I agree with you!
It looks like a hobbit that, uh, died.
the hobbinator... He'll be back... and there again... Movie Pun!
well... movie and book pun... but still...
mogwai? I always thought so.....
i just took my furby apart and i want to fix it and put it back together cuz now that it got no fur if it starts talking to my then i might cry out of fear cuz this thing is creepy
dont know who got me into this furby conversation but it was not me and count me out
looks worse than the old furbys
are you kidding, it looks better tha the old furby, what you thinking, stupad
No it's creepy as hell with the fur on
well my furby don't listen to me. Can someone help me please KYLE CRASH
<div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/_lNfBZTz2xQ"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/_lNfBZTz2xQ" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div> <br/><br/>here is what somebody elese did with there furby <br/> <br/>got to love microwaves<br/>
ha hahhaha ahahhahaha I LOVE THIS this is totally now my favorite video of all time
That wasnt a microwave. They put like 150,000 volts through it. I remember seeing it.
lol, cockadoodle doo! BOOM. classic
This so BADAZZ I wanna put it on my web page----pyro22, that is KOOL AS FK........if you want me to put your name on it just email me. Go to www.bentmonkeycage.com and click on contact<br/>I LOVE IT-----------pump it through a 3200 watt Stack of CROWNs and EAW's and BLAMMMMO-bentmonkeycage circuitbending is a blast--what a fry<br/>lee daniel at bMc<br/>
ha ha , a baseball bat would be kool to bash it with. We actually fry the little shits when we circuitboard them. A lot of you guys want to know where to cut and add pots and stuff. It is very tiny inside, so you should whack a keyboard, or another toy first, to get the feel of circuitboarding. copy and paste this link for contacting me or more info on this sport.<br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bentmonkeycage.com">http://www.bentmonkeycage.com</a><br/>
when i was little i hated those furbys. they were fun at first, but then at night they would keep me up saying "OOOoooo its Daaark. im scared hug me." all night. i bashed it in the head with a b-ball bat. anywho, awsome project.
wich wires do i clip?I am confused!
it's on youtube like 30 times
that vid isnt actually mine I just saw and thought it was evil/funny so i put it on here. you can download it from unoriginal.co.uk under their funny vid page 3/4 of the way down the first page. some other good vids there too. watch out for the stupid advertisements
interesting title
it looks alittle wierd???
that is a very interesting toy!!!???
i would love to do this but i have no idea about the electrical stuff so like ad pics of what i have to cut and what metal body contacts are .oh and the pentometers???
Besides the need of details and such this is an awesome project! I have always been looking for ways to make fun of these annoying creatures ever since their popularity a few years back. Great Job
arrrrg! really cool project but no pictures or detail!!! please add some finer touches to this project if you would.
Images of the process and, if possible, more detail to the step-by-step would be helpful. Thanks!
DIGITAL TOY Audio modifications can be very fun and rewarding. Any Audio device can be modified to higher levels and tastes. These devices can be inexpensive childrens' toys to full blown Musical Instruments, such as synthesizers. bMc, bent monkey cage, can instruct and teach through a CD Book available on eBay. "DEVOID of LOGIC 110.0" by bMc

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Bio: bMc, an electronic tinkerer (circuit bending bent)teacher, author, and creator of Unique Modified Whacked Musical Instruments and synthesizers. Avid Drummer and synth modder
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