A rustic chair with a tied rope backrest, based on a Civil War camp design.

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1”x6” (3/4”x5-1/2”) x 34”
1”x2” (3/4”x1-1/2”) - two 10’ long sticks
- - (experts will recommend hardwood, but poplar isn't much denser than hem/fir)
14 flathead screws - #8 1-1/2” long
 50’ (longer if you macrame) nylon or poly clothesline, baler twine, or parachute cord

hand saw, wood file/rasp, wood chisel
hand drill,  5/16” drill bit, #8 countersink, screwdriver
(power tools make this much easier, but are not necessary)

sandpaper, wood glue, primer, paint

If you can measure, saw and drill rather well, this is quite easy.  Otherwise this may be a challenging project, especially cutting the notches for the TOP & BOTTOM RAILS, and squaring up the SEAT assembly.

Step 2: - SAW & SMOOTH

There will be NINE pieces of wood: 2 wide ones for the SEAT itself, 2 rails that connect to the seat (SEAT-RAILS) and become the rear feet, 2 BACK- RAILS that become the front feet, and 3 short SLATS that do the heavy lifting.

A) Cut the 1”x6” into two SEAT pieces (17” each).

B) Cut one stick into three SLATS (16” each) and two SEAT-RAILS (36” each).

C) From the other stick, cut two BACK-RAILS (48” each). About 24” is left over from this project. I could make an extra slat from it, but I didn’t.

D) At the bottom of the BACK-RAILS are the front feet. Cut them a bit less than 45 degrees. The back feet are at the bottom of the SEAT-RAILS. Cut the back feet a bit more than 45 degrees. (PHOTO )

E) Use the file and sandpaper to round all corners & edges. Smooth all wood surfaces. Smooth AGAIN because this is furniture. (PHOTO )
I like it, I'll have to give this type of camp chair a shot. It looks light and easy to tie to a pack.