Introduction: CKAR

This is my knex assault rifle

Sorry I've been inactive for so long; again I have no excuse but think of this as my apology (took me like 10 attempts to spell that right)

Step 1: The Receiver, Trigger and Handle

Add an elastic from the side of the triangle within to pull it so that is will be forced against the top

Step 2: The Magazine

The last few pictures are just to really make sure you understand how to make the magazine (I'm not insulting your intelligence)

Step 3: The Barrel

Step 4: The Stock

When I was zoomed in in the stick I was trying to show that there are yellows + orange connectors + green rods linking the walls of the stock into a triangle shape

Step 5: Ram Rod

Step 6: FINISHED!!!

And you're done!
As always please comment and follow for more ... even if they are spaced apart a bit



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Questions & Answers


definetly a modworthy gun for me, the design makes it tough for me, but i will get it done


Very cool! I see that you used Red's trigger. How far does it shoot?

I don't know exactly but I do know that if you accidentally shoot it at someone's leg it will leave a nasty bruise at least it did with five elastics