This is my new compact knex pistol that I made.  It has a small range of 12 feet 

small range 
not super comfortable

super small 

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<p>If I were to give some advice, it would be to extend the front part a bit, just to hide that the pin is protruding out of the gun... otherwise, it is good!</p>
<p>Looks good!</p>
thanks a lot
<p>You don't have to remove it. It maybe is pretty generic, but everyone has to start somewhere.</p>
<p>It's small, so that's something, I guess. But the set up of the gun is really bad for getting power. The pin pull isn't great, and it can barely get any speed before hitting the ammo, pushing it out of the front. <br>For guns this small, a slingshot or ratchet design is the best way to go when you also want decent power.<br>With pin guns, you have to make the pin pull as large as possible, and let the pin hit the ammo at the very end of the rod. The last sentence wasn't really great, but I hope you understand what I mean.</p>
thank you i will subscribe to you
<p>Well this is pretty good! Maybe for your next one try adding a removable magazine.</p>
<p>Ok thanks i have a lot of good stuff to come </p>

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