Introduction: CLAPBOARD 101

Picture of CLAPBOARD 101

Have fun making this incredibly fun clapboard! join us in learning the techniques of CLAPBOARD 101!!


Picture of MEASURING

Measure 2 20" x 15" pieces of foam. Then measure a piece of foam that is 20" x 4"

Step 2: GLUING

Picture of GLUING

Glue the trimmed pieces of foam together

Step 3: THE "CLAP"

Picture of THE "CLAP"

Cut 2, 20" by 2" pieces of thin wood to make the "clap" sound. the 2" varies- it should be the width of the 2 pieces of foam together.
 Then glue 1 piece of the wood to the 20" x 15" piece of foam. Next glue the other piece of wood to the 20" x 4".

Step 4: HINDGE

Picture of HINDGE

Take a half of a pencil and a washer glue them together. Next, take the 20" x 4" pieces of foam and drill a whole through them. Take a small piece of wood and also drill a whole through this. Glue the small piece of wood to the back of the foam. Put the colored pencil and washer through these and glue them to hold them in place.


Picture of PAINTING

Now, paint the glued pieces of foam BLACK. let this dry.


Picture of WRITING

In order to make it look like a real clapboard, write HOLLYWOOD at the top of the board. Next, wrote Production____, Director____, and Camera____. Finally, write Date, Scene, and Take at the bottom.


Picture of COMPLETE!

You are now finished with the Clapboard 101 tutorial

optional: paint white diagonal lines on the top-moveable piece of foam.


dchall8 (author)2014-01-19

Nice job. These things don't get used enough, but can really help with syncing sound and video when editing.