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Clear acne naturally. Let me tell you a true story about a young man that had a terrible case of acne. About twenty years ago a dermatologist was skiing at Mt Hood skiing resort. She went to the desk and there was a young man there assisting customers. He had the worse case of acne that she had ever seen. When the doctor approached the young man she asked him if he was interested in clearing up his acne. Of course his answer was yes.

She said that when our hormones are very active it causes acid to build up in our stomach which causes acne.

She told him that if he would juice a small raw potato in a juicer and drink the entire solution of the raw potato juice a couple of times a day for several days it would clear up his acne. She explained that the raw potato juice neutralizes the acid build up in the stomach which causes the acne.

A year later she was skiing again and he approached her but she did not recognize him. He thanked her for sharing the valuable information that transformed his life.

Disclaimer: This method worked for my grandson but please consult a doctor to make sure this method will work for you. I am not a health professional and am sharing this instructable for educational purposes only about my experience. It may not work for everyone.

KuanJ27 days ago


I really really need help to cure my acne

do I buy potatoes that are hard or soft? I think the hardness determines the rawness maybe? I'm not sure about this.

what about the color of the potatoes when I buy them? do I pick greenish ones or brownish ones?

thank you so much

sunshiine (author)  KuanJ27 days ago
Hello KuanJ, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I have always used the brown hard potatoes like the ones shown in the instructable. In America they are called russet but I really don't think it matters. They must be raw though. If you can get russet I would buy that kind because that is the only kind I have used. If you can't find them, it is certainly worth a try to use the kind you can find. Have a beautiful weekend. I just posted a couple of new ibles that might interest you about health and food. Hope you take a peek.
iqra.qasim.126 months ago

Hi. Please tell me how many glasses i need to take per day? And for how long? I have been using this remedy since last three days. Currently I'm taking one potato juice once daily. I want to know the quantity that I should take daily. Please help!

sunshiine (author)  iqra.qasim.126 months ago
Of course I am not a doctor or medical person. So many things to consider when taking remedies. You are the person who feels the pain, reactions, your body tells you things that I don't know. When using home remedies be careful and be wise when treating your own health problems.

you are drinking raw potato juice right?

If I were taking this I would probably drink 2 or 3 glasses of juice a day for about three more days. If I saw no improvement and was not feeling ill I might try adding the 4th glass per day for three days. After that I would try something else or see a doctor.
If you see no improvement I would guess your problem is not going to benefit from the juice. As with a lot of home remedies sometimes you just need to try more and more often. If there are no signs of improvement then the problem has to be triggered by something else. This has worked for everyone that I know who has tried it. I really hope this will work for you. If the condition persist go see a doctor because it could be something that needs medical attention.

Thank you so much for your guidance and taking time to reply in detail.Yes, its actually working for me. I got no new breakouts since the day I started this remedy. Am quite happy with the results :) I will continue to use this simple remedy for three more days.Have a good day!

sunshiine (author)  iqra.qasim.126 months ago

Thank you for sharing! If you start breaking out it is best to catch it early. You probably will only need to drink the juice a day or two and it should clear up. I am so glad you were helped by this instructable. No one has ever gotten back to me. I hope you have a splendid weekend.


bartaub1 year ago
Did someone try this method? Does it work?
sunshiine (author)  bartaub1 year ago

Thanks so much for your question. I have not had anyone come back and comment about this working but when my grandson was a teenager he used this method every time he had a break out and within a few days it cleared up. I should add he never had a severe case though but it was bad. Here is a link to a doctors comment about it and if you would like to try straight honey I have a hunch it just might work also. I have not tried it but I recently read something about the benefits of honey. Please come back and comment if you try this and I will give you a 3 month pro membership. Here is the link: http://omtimes.com/2012/10/12-benefits-of-potato-juice-a-very-healthy-drink/

Thanks and do have a splendorous day!


Thank you very much for the time you're spending on every comment, that's great!
I'll try this method and will come back to you in a few weeks
kokosalexa2 years ago
Sorry,but it seems very unlikely that this is true. I remember,as teenagers, we were eating raw potatos to deloberatly cause a small fever,to getout of going to school. It can't be good for acne, or anything else.
sunshiine (author)  kokosalexa2 years ago
Thank you for your comment. I have seen it work and here is a doctors article about its benefits. Have a splendorous day!

 Dr. Paul Haider: http://omtimes.com/2012/10/12-benefits-of-potato-juice-a-very-healthy-drink/

Well now that cute little snout with glasses makes me have second thoughts :) kidding, might try it out though,, been my own guinea pig all my life :-) have a nice day
sunshiine (author)  kokosalexa2 years ago
Please let me know how it goes! Enjoyed your comment but have to say until I came to my page I did not understand what you meant about the snout! Have a great weekend.
Kerushii3 years ago
h-how...much would i have to rink...? *gags at the thought*
sunshiine (author)  Kerushii3 years ago
I am sorry it took so long to reply to this, my Pc died! The juice from one potato which is about 1/4 cup maybe less depending on the size of potato. It does not taste so bad actually.
fozzy133 years ago
One should definitely use caution when trying this remedy. I remembered reading a long time ago that raw potatoes were poisonous. I went ahead and looked it up. It's #1 on the list here: http://listverse.com/2009/01/06/top-10-poisonous-foods-we-love-to-eat/

Maybe boiling/heating the juice before drinking it would help lower the risk of poisoning?

The poisonous attributes of potatoes would make a lot of sense considering people reporting stomachaches from just eating the potato.
javedshaikm3 years ago
Drinking apple juice and washing your face with tomato jucie/pulp will also help in reducing acne and scars
sunshiine (author)  javedshaikm3 years ago
Thanks for commenting!
do they sell potato juice?
sunshiine (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
Here is the link where to buy it from their retailers.

sunshiine (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
You are welcome. I would try the bottled juice, what have you got to loose? It might just work.
wow thanks! i really appreciate the time spent on my comment!
sunshiine (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
I found where you can buy it, but from what I understand it is drinking the raw juice that helps clear acne. Here is the web page that I found. It has a lot of information on it http://blog.biottajuices.com/blog/potato-juice-2.

Thanks for your comment.
if u dont have a juicer do u think a blender would work ?
sunshiine (author)  alexandraw995 years ago
I have not heard from anyone who has used a blender but one person just ate the potato and said they had a stomach ache later. I would think it will be pretty safe to use a blender with no bad stomach ache because it does chop it up fairly well. Might consider using distilled water instead of drinking water from the city if you need to make it more drinkable. City water could change the PH level. With a juicer it does not need water it is fine the way it is.
cutee sunshiine5 years ago
hi...I just wanna ask something,is it ok if I'm going to eat the potato than to make it juice?Do you think it can also be advisable to prevent the acne if the potato is eaten???thanks!!
sunshiine (author)  cutee5 years ago
It can't hurt to try this method. Chew it slowly and thoroughly. I have had others ask me this but no one has replied back except one that said she got a stomachache from eating it. I believe the juicing makes it much easier to digest but that is just a guess.
Batness5 years ago
Wouldn't this expose you to a lot more glycoalkaloids than necessary? I don't know an easy way to test potatoes for glycoalkaloid concentration, but I know higher concentration is found just under the skin so at the very least peeling the potato is probably better if you're going to try this.