Introduction: CLOCK OUT OF LOG

Here is a quick weekend project for you. Make a clock out of log. This is a simple version of it, but you can get really creative with it.

To save you some time going through all steps I've made a video.


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Step 1: Get a Slice of Log

I went to forest and picked a tree that suits both, my fire place and my clock.
Then using a chainsaw :) cut a slice about an inch thick. Be careful with power tools.

Step 2: Prepare Wood

First I decided to sand one side so it's smooth and pointers won't catch anything. Next I roughly found a middle of it and drilled a hole about 7mm wide.

Step 3: Find an Old Wall Clock

Here is the most important part we need. An electronic wall clocks mechanism. I salvaged mine from an old clock I had laying around. So open a clock and remove pointers, don't throw them away. Will be using them later. Your clock will be a bit different but they are all very simple to disassemble. Everyone is good at taking things apart (not so good putting them back together) :) if anything is unclear just watch the video.

Step 4: Extend Pointer Drivers

This is the most tricky one. You will need two tubes size of your clock mechanisms pointer drivers. They are standard Chinese mechanisms you will find in most clock's. I used a pens inner ink tube and old radio antenna. Cut out piece of pens tube about an inch long. And a piece of antenna a little bit shorter. Carefully super glue them according to thickness of drivers. The idea is to extend them so they fit through our slice of log.

Step 5: Assembly

Now take the mechanism and glue it to the log so drivers are on the smooth side. Now take the Hour pointer and glue it to the bigger driver. Next glue the minutes pointer to longer driver and it's done. As I said you can get really creative with it. Can cut smaller slices of log and glue them to replace numbers. It's up to you now how creative you will get. :) Share like and comment please.

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    "What rolls down the stairs?..........." XD

    this is really cool, I love clocks!