CM-10, a Bolt Action Knex Rifle





Introduction: CM-10, a Bolt Action Knex Rifle

A slingshot type rifle with a removable magazine, my first idea for this was to design a slingshot rifle with a magazine, and the only way to do that is to use the semi-automatic version of someone else s or make a bolt, which i happened to do with a couple hours of tinkering.... I have not test fired it, waiting for new bands for an accurate result, however, with 6 rubber bands (3 per string, 2 strings) i shot a friend in his leg, with his permission (lol), and it drew blood... i wanted to see if you guys wanted me to post, enjoy the video... (i accidentally spelled my youtube channel name wrong, it should be Ukiarue, but its Ukiaure :(...)



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    that is also how pump action shotguns work great mech

    That's AWESOME!!! Too bad I am almost 100% sure that I don't have enough pieces to build it! :.(

    It looks like an HK-21.

    great! like kinetic said, it does look a little flimsy, but its still very good.

    its flimsy in the stock and everywhere it doesn't need to be sturdy, like if you swing it side to side it will flex a little, which im not sure whyd you want to do that anyway lol

    Love it! Looks a little delicate but very good job.