CM-11 a High Powered Knex Rifle





Introduction: CM-11 a High Powered Knex Rifle

Starting with a concept, created, remaking, recreating, and then the final product. This rifle was designed for sheer power and range, nothing else. The CM-11 is a cannon style rifle with long reload times that has immense range and stopping power, if i get the chance ill find out the maximum range, but until then I'm sure it can shoot much farther then the CM-10 Bolt Action Knex Rifle which shot, at one recorded distance, of 157 feet.



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    Love it! But make a better handle:(

    i was just going for the general shape of an L96 body, not the barrel clearly, and i did a rushed job lol... i would change it but i think im done with Knex

    i forgot to say POST! :P

    holy cow, this is amazing! wat kind of bands are you using? and which type of ammo did you use in the vid?

    the bands is/are latex surgical tubing, and the ammo used was the aluminium arrow, bolt and wing-nut thing lol, if i use the knex ammo with the tubing, it literally snaps the bullet before i can put the entire pressure of one band on it, ive even tried drilling holes through the knex and ziptieing them together but then the red tip breaks.

    that would make sense, knex isnt the strongest

    This guy has potential... To be one of the best! Awesome you have original ideas!
    BTW, technically your CM 10 is the most powerful bolt action yet, and with a semi-auto ratchet it will anihilate the Zkar in Rate of fire and Range! There are your bragging rights my friend, use them!

    Holy mother of god! Fin that metal bolt and we could be talking 250+!

    It woudn't need fins because the tip is weighed.