CMD Snake Game





Introduction: CMD Snake Game

Just one thing before we start: ZemByte does not own the rights of COMMAND PROMPT. That is owned by Microsoft. This version of snake will only work on Windows 10 or lower.

You can use the code for yourself. You cannot copy the code and post it on other platforms nor can you change the name.

Step 1: Notepad

For this project, you will need Notepad. We recommend that you use Notepad++(, as it is easier to use!

Step 1:

Open Notepad, and name it: Snake.bat

Step 2:

Save it to: All files (This is really important!)

Step 2: Copy

Step 3:

Copy and paste our code into notepad! (You will find the code at the next page!)

Step 4:

Save the code, but don't open it!

Step 5:

Make a folder, and put the Snake.bat in that folder!

Step 6:

Start the .bat file. If it opens correctly, it should make a "key" and a "cmd" .file in your folder. Do never delete them!

(It can be possible that your pc showing settings make it so you can't see the "cmd" file. Do not worry! If you can play the game like it should do, it will work fine! Do you want to see or edit the "cmd" file, then change your pc showing settings to "All files".

Step 7:

If the files do not create themselves, close the game and then restart it again!

Step 3: Code

We updated our code, so you can play it on windows 10 and lower! So please download the .txt file with the code. You need to COPY this code!



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hey.. how do you upload your notepad code creations?? I made a sick tic tac toe game but i dont know how or where to upload it??

hey, does anyone know how to change the colors? i really love the game but I think it would be nicer in different colors

Thanks <3

Hey! You can find multible lines that say: color. Change the value behind the word "color".

yeah i agree one of my favourite colours is light green..

I tried to put it anywhere and it worked

Everytime I open the game the cmd opens, but instantly closes itself. Please help ASAP.


Hey Antleone77

Please make sure you followed every step in the program.

Could you see if there is any other application that is using CMD on your device that is not a program file? You can see this in your task manager.

hey will it still work if you use a .bat to .exe converter??

Hey Awesomenessg

Yes it will. Just note that it will not run on any other system than Windows