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Introduction: CMD Tricks

Recently I posted another CMD (command prompt) About a star wars IV trick so I decided to post some more.

CMD is a handy tool to transport files, copy, delete and more.

This instructable is just a guide and list of possibilities of CMD

Step 1: Help Command

Need help?

help and /? command

The help command shows all the commands and a small description.

/? goes after a space of a certain command and shows a in depth description

Step 2: Customize the Color

Changes the color of background and text

Once again there are two commands

color set and color *

color set shows the list of background and letter colors

and color * (* certain colors) sets the color

first look at the list and type in color*

my favorite is "color a"

Is not permanent

Step 3: Change the Title

This one changes the command (on the top left corner)

only one command this time (hooray!)

the command is "title*" (*=what you want the title to be)

Is not pernament

Step 4: Abort

Abort command will cancel any command that is loading

Press ctrl c to cancel

Step 5: History

With this handy command you will be able to see the command history for you current session

Simply press F7 to display the list of commands entered during the current session.To run the previously entered command press F3. To run any command from the history list by it’s number, press F9 and type the command number

Step 6: Remote Shutdown

Remotely shutdown any computer on your network. It will most likely not work in offices or schools (due to security), but should work on home networks.

"shutdown.exe -i" to open a new tab that will remotely shutdown a computer on your network.

Select the computer, decide whether to restart or shutdown, and dialog box

Step 7: Change Name

If your bored with what the beggining name you can change that.

"prompt*" (*=what you want the change to be)

Step 8: Clear All Commands

To clear the entire scree but does not change colors or names

"cls" to clear all commands

Step 9: Exit

To quickly exit the cmd

"exit" to exit cmd



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    Thanks for sharing. Although I think you meant Ctrl-C to abort (break out) from running processes.

    It's nice to see that someone remembers CMD! >^.^< I too still use it. It's useful for some things. :)

    I use it to hack school computers.

    yeah first time i opened it I thought it was just some kinda annoying add-on

    I used at least 4 computer that had only MS-DOS on it. I had a Olivetti M24 (already old when I got it) on which I installed myself MS-DOS 3.3!

    There used to be a lot of upper memory problems with DOS, We even had to use 3rd party software to manage the RAM above the base amount which I believe was 650K -- something like that.

    Then every time some somebody figured out a better way to do things, like file compression, Microsoft would buy them and incorporate their stuff in the next version.

    If you can get the book for DOS 5 it has a lot of the commands in detail. DOS was the underlying working system until Windows 95 which went from a 16 bit system to the first true 32 bit system.

    Before Win 95 you would boot into DOS first and then run Windows on top of it. A lot of games dropped out of Windows and ran in the DOS enviornment because of the memory management problem.

    how do you specify what computer to shutdown. If use use ip address, how do you fnd out a cmputers io without going on that compter?

    Can you show me how to use Echo so I can make a fake BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)