why platonic solids?
my inspiration for this project was the print "stars" by amazing artist m c escher, or more exactly the "study for stars". I've added an image of the study for stars, this is not a picture i took myself! in this picture you can see the five platonic solids, along with 4 more complicated structures (that are made from combining some of the solids), as well as one rhomboid structure that i also made. this structure is more complicated, since there is some calculating involved. i will not include this shape in the instructable.

Step 1: You Need

- a rest of cardboard
- big sheets of thick paper ( i used A2), at least 120 g paper - i don't know how paper is measured in the non-metric world, but to give you an idea of how thick the paper should be: regular printing paper is 80 g
- ruler, a triangle, a pencil, small scissors, an exacto knife and a cutting mat
- glue, i used normal wood-glue to glue the paper and an all-purpose crafts-glue for the foil

- thin plastic foil in cyan, yellow and magenta:
do you know the crappy instant photo print machines that are found in shops like drugstores since some years? you can print photos from your usb stick or so and the quality of the photos is quite bad, but it only takes a minute for them to be printed. well these machines print their pictures using some kind of thin color coated plastic foil that has recurring sections of cyan, magenta and yellow. once a roll of this plastic is finished, they throw it away. which is a pity, since it makes for an awesome craftting material - for a example for a project like this. and since it is basically garbage, it's free! so next time you are in a shop with a photo machine like this ask the employees if they happen to have changed the roll just that day or if they can save you one the next time they'll change it.
the colors are stunning and you can still see "ghosts" of the once printed pictures.

if you cannot get your hands on a material like this look for some other transparent, colored plastic foil that is glueable to paper.
thanx to all who voted for me so i won the crafts contest!
i like your idea that u do this CMY paper platonic solids haha
I just love these! <br /> <br />(I think if you switched out the main photo to the last photo in the ible, you'd get more views - the first photo just does not do them justice. :D)
I agree! This is awesome, but it is just a little hard to see in the first image :)
yeah, you're probably both right, but i liked the first picture much more... <br>i guess i could switch them! <br>thank you for liking my project!
That photo is definetly awesome, I just love how you can see the project close up in the other!

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