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Introduction: CNC Chess Stools

I made these stools for an artwork about Chess called Orthogonal/Diagonal. The functional joints in the stools also highlight the idea of the orthogonal and diagonal movements on a Chess board.

Step 1: Prepare Files for CNC

I designed the stools in Rhino, but could have used a 2D Vector program such as Illustrator.

Step 2: Measure and CNC

The design uses 3/4"/18mm Baltic birch plywood, it's important to measure the actual thickness of your plywood and adjust the width of the joints in the files. The goal is to achieve a friction fit. This way you can always disassemble them later for easy transportation. I would recommend first cutting two test slots to see how they fit together.

I used a ShopBot and a 1/4" spiral down cut cutter and sanded the finished pieces. I selected T-Bone Fillets for the inside corners.

Step 3: Assembly

Use a mallet and a piece of sacrificial board to hammer together the legs, then the seat. Stain or oil as desired.



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    Do you have any pointers to drawings for the tables?

    Awesome stool! Is there any way you could put out the design files as SVG?

    This is an interesting art piece. Are the chess tables going to be used in the future? Thank you for sharing!

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    that looks very simple and strong. .I have had a couple CAD programs for the past 20 years and have yet to make a complete drawing. You should be very proud of your great work.

    Cute and simple! Nice job