I wanted to learn CNC so I started off with a simple project.   I was in the market for a cribbage board so instead of buying one I thought it would be fun to make my own.  

Materials List:

Maple    14"x5"x3/4"
5 minute epoxy
black epoxy resin


CNC Mill   (I have a Sherline 5400 but you could build your own . see www.buildyourcnc.com)
1.35mm End Mills  (www.store.yahoo.com/drillcity)    
7/64" Drill bit
flat wood scrapper


EMC2    (download from www.LinxCNC.org)
LibreCad  (Opensource version of QCAD)

Step 1: Design the Board.

I used LibreCad to design the board.  You could use any CAD program as long as it can work with DXF files.
<p>Thanks so much for this instructable and also for making the gcode available. I'm in the final stages of building a CNC and having some meaningful code I can run is really helpful.</p>
<p>You are very welcome. I'm glad that you liked it.</p>
Great work I have been kicking this idea around in my head for awhile. Glad to see how to do it.
This is cool! I'm going to my first CNC class this afternoon and think I've found my first project!
Thanks for the positive comments Mike.
Awesome Instructable, but how do you use the dots to align the board?
Thanks Chris, <br> <br>On the first pass I put two marks that coincided with a peg hole. When I filled the lines in with epoxy it also marked the two peg holes. Then when I put the board back in the mill. I used used the manual controls in EMC to align the dill bit to the marks. I hope that answered your question. <br> <br>P.S. Thanks for being my first comment. I was checking every day to see if there was anyone that even liked it. :-)

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