It's become a mini tradition that when a good friend or coworker has a baby, I make the new little person a onesie. Since the embroidered threads can irritate sensitive skin, I decided to make these designs as patches and iron them on using standard transfer adhesives.

I wouldn't be able to do these without the CNC Embroiderer. I made these and all my other embroidery projects at Techshop!

Step 1: The Design

You can create simple projects using just the embroiderer. The machine has stock images (think clip art) and even text that can be programmed directly. However if you want something customized, this instructable prepared by a Techshop Pro to create designs in Illustrator and convert them into the files you need for the CNC embroidery machines available at Techshop.

Digitizer Pro CNC Embroiderer Software isn't the most intuitive, but it's also fairly simplistic.

For this design, I opted for a simple duck in water with the little girl's name. I have found that the edging of the patches holds up best with a border. You can also use Fray Check to stabilize the material edges.

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