video CNC Enclosure
After building a CNC machine I quickly realized I needed something to enclose the machine for both noise mitigation and dust control.  So I built a pretty simple OSB box.  The sound has been greatly reduced as has the dust.  The project required two 4'x8' OSB sheets, about six 2"x4"s, and a 24" x 28" plexiglass pane.  Regular square drive screws were used to attach all sides.

A normal conversation can now be had while watching the machine do its thing.  A very worthwhile project for loud CNCs.

Thanks for taking a look.

askjerry9 months ago

Add a bit of weatherstripping to the area around the door... it will help a bit more. Also consider some magnetic catches or even a gate catch so you don't have to keep latching the bungee cord.


stangtime (author) 2 years ago
@sleeping - Not much. I was going to put in two windows but decided that one was enough on the side. Thanks to taking a look.
sleeping2 years ago
Does the dust stick to the plexiglass?