Step 1: The Processing Code.

The code is real simple. I generate an G file in Eagle Layout editor. Read this file in processing. And I move, or Draw, the lines.

On the next step I will shoe how to generate the G file, and use my code to draw the PCB on screen.

The file named as 12.txt is a G file to use as example.

The file named as "motor shield" is a example already routed on the eagle. You just need to generate the G-file.

The file named as "teste" is simple example already routed on the eagle. You just need to generate the G-file too.
<p>hello friends i have problem in my processing i need a solution please </p>
<p>hay bros , lovely work 'bravo ) </p><p>can you gives me the basics of your project ! </p><p>like : </p><p>how you can progrm the GUI and what did you used to make the arduino sketch :) </p><p>thank you in avnc :) </p>
<p>Hey,</p><p>Thank you for the feedback.</p><p>About the GUI I used the Processing IDE. Is much like the Arduino IDE.</p><p>About the Arduino Sketch, i did not understand your question.</p><p>Sorry my bad English.</p>
<p>Can you send the link of IDE you used. </p>
<p>Can you please tell me which software you are using for processing generated G code. i don't know much about it. Please reply fast.</p>
<p>Oi Otavio tudo bem ? </p><p>Sou de Belo Horizonte e estou como bolsista em um programa da faculade em que colaboro na constru&ccedil;&atilde;o de uma fresadora. Estamos tentando desenvolver sua terceira vers&atilde;o e uma das demandas &eacute; que ela seja controlada diretamente pela interface Rhinoceros 3D + Grasshopper. Usando o plugin Firefly para o Grasshopper consegui mandar o GCode direto para a m&aacute;quina, mas estou tento problemas na gera&ccedil;&atilde;o do c&oacute;digo. Gostaria de saber como voc&ecirc; tem se saido nas tentativas de criar uma forma direta de exportar o g-code para o Arduino sem interm&eacute;dio de softwares controladores. Se for conveniente podemos conversar por Facebook. Meu nome Pedro Henrique Figueiredo Magalhaes.</p><p>Um abs !</p>
Beleza Pedro,<br><br>Faz tempo que nao volto para esta area, mas deve ter evoluido bastante.<br><br>Tem uma versao que se nao me engano &eacute; a Mendel http://reprap.org/wiki/Mendel, o gcode &eacute; salco em cartao SD e um arduino le o gcode e executa o comando.<br><br>Abra&ccedil;o<br>
<p>1- i cant download (other files)FVY088TFZNHOWHW.tmp</p><p>2-your pde doest work</p>
1 rename the file to .pde<br><br>2 what is the error?
When i run the program i get an unexpected char 'i' too. How have you fixed nerdling?
whenever i try your code all i get is unexpected char: 'i' <br>what should i do? <br>
Can you explain better your problem?
never mind i fixed it <br>thanks anyway
Hello , i&Acirc;&acute;m tryimg to download the cnc.pde file but it only downloads a temp file, can anybody helpme? my email is virendrasingh.bora@gmail.com , <br>I am trying to arduino understand my GCODE . <br>
Just try to rename the extension of the file from .tmp to .pde <br> <br>Regards
Nice project! This gives me hope because I plan to write the same sort of thing for the propeller microcontroller.
Hello!! greatproyect!!, i&acute;m tryimg to download the cnc.pde file but it only downloads a temp file, can anybody helpme? my email is aliasthesmileyboybana@hotmail.com i&acute;m tryin to do a 3d printer and router :)
Hello Hello i make some variatios to the Code, and now ir works well, i got some trobles with the original one, there is my version, thank you Octaviusp :)<br><br><br>void setup()<br>{<br> size(1000,1000);<br> background(0);<br><br><br>}<br>int ESCALA = 2;<br>int offsetx=0,offsety=0;<br><br>void draw()<br>{<br> String lines[] = loadStrings(&quot;12.txt&quot;); <br> for(int i=3;i String[] strx = split(lines[i], 'X');<br> int[] x=int (split(strx[1],'Y'));<br> strx = split(strx[1],'Y');<br> int[] y=int (split(strx[1],'D'));<br> strx = split(strx[1],'D');<br> int[] d= int (split(strx[1],'*'));<br> println(x[0]);<br> println(y[0]);<br> println(d[0]);<br> if(d[0]==2) move((x[0]/100*ESCALA),(y[0]/100*ESCALA));<br> if(d[0]==1) anda(x[0]/100*ESCALA,y[0]/100*ESCALA);<br><br> }<br>}<br><br>void move(int x1,int y1){<br> println(&quot;move&quot;);<br> strokeWeight(5);<br> stroke(255);<br> point(x1,y1,0);<br> offsetx=x1;<br> offsety=y1;<br> println(x1);<br> println(y1);<br> println(&quot;fin move&quot;);<br>}<br><br>void anda(int x,int y){<br> int countx=offsetx,county=offsety;<br><br> smooth();<br> strokeWeight(2.0);<br> strokeCap(ROUND);<br> line(countx,county,x,y); <br> offsetx=x;<br> offsety=y;<br>}<br>
Can you post your Processing code? The .PDE file is an Arduino sketch, and not the Processing code. Thanks, or please e-mail to hondaman900@gmail.com.
The file &quot;cnc.pde&quot; is the processing code. There is no Arduino sketch on this example yet.
But the cnc.pde uses non-Processing Arduino statements, and wants to include Stepper.h, which is an Arduino include. Also, #include is an Arduino-only statement. Processing uses &quot;import&quot;. So I'm pretty sure it's not a Processing sketch and would love to see the Processing code.<br><br>Also, did you make further progress with this project since you built the Instructable?<br><br>Thanks in advance
void setup()<br>{<br><br> size(700,700);<br><br>}<br>int ESCALA = 2;<br>int offsetx=0,offsety=0;<br><br>void draw()<br>{<br> String lines[] = loadStrings(&quot;14.txt&quot;);<br><br> for(int i=3;i String[] strx = split(lines[i], 'X');<br> strx = split(strx[1],'Y');<br> String[] stry = split(strx[1],'D');<br> String[] D= split(stry[1],'*');<br><br> if(int(D[0])==2) move(int(strx[0])/100*ESCALA,int(stry[0])/100*ESCALA);<br> if(int(D[0])==1) anda(int(strx[0])/100*ESCALA,int(stry[0])/100*ESCALA);<br><br> }<br><br> while(true){<br> }<br>}<br><br>void move(int x,int y){<br> strokeWeight(5.0);<br> offsetx=x;<br> offsety=y;<br> println(&quot; moveu&quot;);<br> //point(x,y);<br>}<br><br>void anda(int x,int y){<br> int countx=offsetx,county=offsety;<br><br> smooth();<br> strokeWeight(2.0);<br> strokeCap(ROUND);<br> line(countx,county,x,y);<br> <br> offsetx=x;<br> offsety=y;<br>}<br>
Just remove the commented part.
I am currently building a CNC machine and this is really helpful, but when will the arduino sketch be done? and has anyone done something similar? Thanks.
can you send me those files at oshondrom@gmail.com<br>i love your project!
Cool project!<br>Bom ver que &eacute; do brasil!<br>Quando terminar minha CNC, irei testar...<br>Abra&ccedil;o
The CNC.pde code is no such thing it is just the standard Arduino example of follow a pot with a stepping motor code.
Actually my code is based on the Arduino example but with a graphic interface.
Ola parab&eacute;ns pelo teu trabalho, mas download dos arquivos n&atilde;o funciona, se puderes por favor enviar para meu email. marcossilvabrasil@hotmail.com<br /> <br /> abra&ccedil;o e obrigado
file download ain't working<br /> can you send me those files at<br /> jordan2_delta@hotmail.com please<br /> thanks<br />
just try to rename the file you download.<br /> anyway, I will send it t tou,<br /> cya<br />
So, is the goal to draw the circuit using an etch-resist pen on the board, or to run a mill that carves out everything BUT the traces? Just wondering. Someday I'll have a CNC machine of my own, too...
Im think using a PEN the same pen you use to draw the circuit on hand. The milling process is a little different, we have to drill on the edge of the trace. But, it can possible to do with a code modification.
Ah, ok. I'd definitely push for the cnc mill solution in that case...
I've also been toying with CNC for a while and I was thinking of using my *duino as a control board. I'm going to have a play with your code over the week-end. Looks good, nice instructable.
nice, please let me know what you think about the code, and if it is possible to use it.

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