CNC Machined Hazelnut Tray


Introduction: CNC Machined Hazelnut Tray

A small and simple CNC woodworking project for a short afternoon.

I won't write much text here as the steps are best explained in the Video.

If there are any questions just ask in the comment section.

Required items:

  • Some wood about 150 x 210 x 28mm

    (held during machining by some doublesided tape on a waste board)

  • Engraving bit 90°

  • End mill 8mm

  • Blow torch (optional)

Software used for both CAM and machine control: Estlcam

(The depth values for the last 2 steps shown in the video are wrong for 28mm wood -> it should be 20mm for the main pocket and 28mm for the part itself)



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