Introduction: CNC Miil Box

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A small guide to creating a stand for your cutters)

I apologize for the error, english is not my native language ...


- Plywood 4mm - 960*650mm

- Glue for wood D3

Step 1: What Is It For...

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My first instruments were stored in a carton box.

When they became a lot I began to spend a lot of time searching for mills.

I've been watching the network for the required I box.
And, in the end, I decided to do it himself.

I Created in CorelDraw drawings, send them to my laser cutter and give hill parts)

Step 2: Assembly

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We begin to glue the box.
Do not forget to glue stand for collet nuts, otherwise they will fall into the holes.

You should get almost a complete product ...

Step 3: Boxes

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Again, the laser-glue-drying ...

Step 4: Final Fotos

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UncleEd (author)2017-02-27

Thank you. One thing I like about instructables is so many of the projects provide ideas that can be modified to meet a different need. I don't have a CNC or have these tool bits to put away, but I have a large number of specialized screwdrivers and nut drivers. As you said at the beginning--such tools are stored in boxes so sorting and finding what is needed is a problem.

With some adapting, this will be much better than the other ideas I have seen or imagined.

shatrovmaxim (author)UncleEd2017-02-27

That's for sure!

Swansong (author)2017-02-24

That looks really nice! It would work great for leather stamps too :)

Eirinn (author)Swansong2017-02-25

Nice! Would probably have been more appropriate to make the box using a cnc since that's what the box is for. This guarantees someone in need of this can make it.

shatrovmaxim (author)Eirinn2017-02-25

I have both the cnc router and laser.

a laser easier to make possible the internal angles and does not remain after the cutting of the nap.

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