CNC Milling Melt Face With the Sienci Mill One





Introduction: CNC Milling Melt Face With the Sienci Mill One

About: We aim to innovate on small-scale automated manufacturing, and this journey has begun with our first machine: the Sienci Mill One. This machine is simple in its design yet complex in its abilities. Able to m...

Model from:

This project was milled using the Sienci Mill One!

Material: Pink Foam

Tooling: 1/8" Ballmill

Feedrate: 1200mm/min

Plunge rate: 400mm/min

Step down: 3mm/pass

Time to complete: Approximately 2 hours

CAM software:

Gcode sender:

Order the Sienci Mill One:

Machines start from $399US (full kit)!

Step 1: Setting Up CAM

Kiri:Moto is a simple, easy to use CAM software that works with STL files.

Check out the Youtube video to learn about how to use it!

Step 2: Sending Gcode

Kiri:Moto generally defaults to having the origin point at the top centre of the material. Set up your machine to the appropriate location and zero the machine.

Kiri:Moto has a gcode sender built into it's exporter.

Universal Gcode Sender is also a great option.

Happy milling!



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