Picture of CNC Paddle Maze
One day I was at the toy store looking for presents for my children and I came across some small plastic mazes, you know, the type with the little ball that you try to get from the start to the finish without going crazy. Bingo, here was a project for the CNC router we have in our Maker Space.
The design that developed was a circular format with a handle, like the old paddle ball games. Additionally I wanted to store two balls on the game in the hope that they might not get lost as readily.  Old timers disease was making me forget that a job always takes more time and money than expected, along with opportunities (substitute, “problems”), to be had.
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Step 1: Your STUFF

Picture of Your STUFF
Things you need / Materials and equipment list:
Small steelie, ball bearing, BuckyBalls, marble, etc.
Graph paper, pencil, and  good eraser.
Dial Indicator
Vector Drawing Program
CAM generator
Mach3, EMC, or similar   ( (
CNC Router or a contract fabricator – (
Tooling Bits
Portable Drill
X-acto, utility knife, something sharp
Sandpaper or foam blocks
Children for Beta test

Step 2: My STUFF

Picture of My STUFF
(Things I need)
Dust collection system
Writing skills
Photography Skills
More tools
Bigger tools
Faster tools
cmcentyre1 month ago

Is the drawing available for download somewhere?

screwrules6 months ago

you can check out to create your own maze and mill it

poofrabbit2 years ago
Wow this is SWEET! I'd buy one in a heart beat! Wonderful 'able!
blodefood3 years ago
These are great! But, they aren't mazes, they are labyrinths. Mazes have false paths whereas labyrinths are one continuous line from the outside of the circle to the centre and back to the outside again.

I would love to have one of these for relaxation. You can follow the path with your finger slowly and it helps you focus your thoughts and de-stress your mind.
dhaliciouz3 years ago
at first i thought its a pancake iron,,,, but upon reading i learned that its a toy,,,, i want to do something like this with an iron for pancakes,,,, can u do some tutorials please? thanks
Biggsy3 years ago
My brothers got a home brew CNC machine... i think he'll like this project...
ChrysN3 years ago
Wow, those look great!