Step 14: The Real Test

Give this game to some children. See what they do with it. They will surprise you with a host of variations on how to play, make up new rules, and find uses for the paddle that were not in your mind when you had this brilliant idea. After observing them for a while, breaking up squabbles, and making them share; think about any improvements or changes in design you may want to implement. Maybe redesign the maze to be harder or easier. Maybe beef it up a bit, allowing for the extreme conditions it will endure. Who knows, keep those mental juices flowing and see what develops. All this work is, after all, really and truly play.

Thank you for reading this far. Hope it was instructive. Please post any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas, and I’ll get back as soon as I can.
<p>you can check out www.mazegenerator.com to create your own maze and mill it </p>
<p>It's mazegenerator.net</p>
<p>Is the drawing available for download somewhere?</p>
Wow this is SWEET! I'd buy one in a heart beat! Wonderful 'able!
These are great! But, they aren't mazes, they are labyrinths. Mazes have false paths whereas labyrinths are one continuous line from the outside of the circle to the centre and back to the outside again.<br> <br> I would love to have one of these for relaxation. You can follow the path with your finger slowly and it helps you focus your thoughts and de-stress your mind.<br> <br> <a href="http://www.gentle-stress-relief.com/walking-the-labyrinth.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.gentle-stress-relief.com/walking-the-labyrinth.html</a>
at first i thought its a pancake iron,,,, but upon reading i learned that its a toy,,,, i want to do something like this with an iron for pancakes,,,, can u do some tutorials please? thanks
My brothers got a home brew CNC machine... i think he'll like this project...
Wow, those look great!

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