video CNC Picture Carving
As shown on many of my videos, I cobbled together a CNC machine recently.  While learning to use it I also wanted to be able to import g-code from regular digital pictures and do cuttings on wood and other materials.  I'm always looking for affordable options and I came across some software called Simple Art (by SimpleCNC) that will take any picture and convert it to g-code.  

This video is of my first try at this.  I'll get better at it.  My settings here can all be improved but I wanted to share the first try at this.  I think it's pretty cool.

Thanks for watching.
pfred21 year ago
You paid thirty dollars for an image to G code generator? One comes free with Linuxcnc, which is free itself.
sleeping1 year ago
Nice to see the idea go to a working product. Congratulations.
stangtime (author) 1 year ago
Many thanks, rimar2000. Very appreciated. I have fun with these projects.
rimar20001 year ago
You are a MASTER!