This is a tutorial on how to make a plaque on the Legacy Maverick CNC, specifically with starting programming. If you're in a woods class at Grantsville High, you're in the right place.

This is the flow of how this is going to go:

Job Setup

Create Vectors

Create Toolpaths

Create G-Code

Save File (of Aspire, optional)

Original instructions on lwmcnc.com, this has added pictures and explanations so that even a beginner can make this file.

Step 1: Job Setup

Starting a New File

❏ Open VCarve or Aspire

❏ Click the “Create a new file” icon - File Operations section

❏ Enter Width (x) 12, Height (y) 6 - Job Size (x & y) section

❏ Enter Thickness (z) 0.75 - Material (z) section

❏ Select “Z Zero” on top of the material - Material (z) section

❏ Select the bottom left corner - XY Datum Position section

❏ Click the “OK” button

<p>You should sand out those planer marks.</p>
Yeah. My woods teacher wanted a quick sample, so I didn't put much time into it.
<p>That's really nice :)</p>

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