CNC Project Continued - New Gantry Design, Cheap Rails...





Introduction: CNC Project Continued - New Gantry Design, Cheap Rails...

As my homebuilt CNC project continues I've been working with cheap off-the-shelf rails (drawer slides) and have been designing the layout as I go.  I like to take notes from what other folks have done and then re-work them in different ways.  This project is proceeding and I hope to get the Z axis up and together soon.

Thanks for taking a look.



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    Siemenwauters - I appreciate the suggestion. At the moment I'm not getting any wobble that I can see.

    since you have 2 pairs of sliders now you can reduce the wobble to almost 0. just place the long ones on the side and the smaller ones on the bottem. |_ like that horizontal and vertical wobble is almost 0

    mcdonaldmf - Thanks for taking a look. This design seems to be pretty good, very solid. I have several videos of this build in process. So far I've attached one of the Nema 23 steppers and have tested the other motors with the control board. All are functioning well. I'm currently working with software programs and hope to have an updated video up sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    I am very interested in a home-built CNC and find your design very attractive. I have access to some 36" slides from a server rack. They are very robust and I can get them for free!

    Thanks for your comments. Its been something I've wanted to do for a very long time as well. The kit I ordered on eBay came with three NEMA 23 motors, a 24volt power supply, and the TB6560 controller board. The individual parts can certainly be ordered separately but then you would have multiple shipping costs from different vendors. Seemed cheaper just to get them in one order.

    Good work. Just out of curiosity, which CNC kit did you buy? I have been working on ideas to to make my own CNC in the near future. So far they are just ideas. But have to start somewhere.