Step 13: The Real Test

Give this game to some children.  Get some paper and a host of colored Sharpies and let them go at it. See what they do with it.  After observing them for a while, breaking up squabbles, and making them share; think about any improvements or changes in the design you may want to implement. Maybe redesign the teeth for a better fit. Maybe change the ring shape in some way. Keep those mental juices flowing and see what develops. All this work is, after all, really and truly, play.
<p>That is nice. Neat idea to place the holes in the spokes. I did a Spirograph on my tiny cnc too, but I used round teeth: https://www.zenziwerken.de/Spielsachen/Spirograph</p>
<p>Hello. I have all the components to make this. However, it would sure be handy to get a copy of your files rather than reverse engineering. Any chance you would post this for us?</p>
<p>Ok, I made a set but the teeth needed refinement. As you run the gear it easily slips out of the teeth with the contact angle set like it is shown on the picture. I have the files done and I can send out a copy in sketchup or cut2d if anyone wants them. Its not a great spirograph but it does work. I made the ring gear approximately the size of a sheet of paper. I plan on cutting another blank the same size, add magnets to the two so that the paper can be sandwiched in between and have a small box that will hold it all. </p>
<p>Hello,</p><p>I've been asked to make a spirograph to make street-art, so a BIG one.</p><p>Is it possible to buy your CAD -files ?</p>
<p>Thanks for the thorough instructable on a great project! The proportions of the parts of your gears are really beautiful.</p>
<p>My daughter would love this! I had one when I was a kid. Would you be willing to sell me the file CNC?</p>
may be unwittingly providing the dxf loose this wonderful work?
I know you don't like plastic but for people with vinyl cutters rather than CNCs, I'm wondering if something similar could be done by cutting gears out of some other material (vinyl cutter limitations would require it to be no more than roughly 1/8in thick, and no stiffer than cardboard).
Very nice but is there a chance you can post your CAD files?<br>
Great instructable!<br><br>May have to try to make a set on my Sherline CNC...<br><br>BUT....<br>I don't see no examples of how good the Spirograph works!<br><br>Please have the children post some pictures of there artwork!<br><br>Could you attach the files you used! Vectors? Gcode?
Great inspirational project!<br><br>I agree with Greasetattoo though... examples... files...?
Pretty cool. I made some on my laser cutter with acrylic but not as nice as these...
I loved this &quot;app&quot; when younger...<br>May you consider to distribute abroad?!? I want one!!!
Very nice!
Me too?
Great idea! <br> <br>Do you have DXFs, or other CAD files, for the gears, that you would be willing to post?
Spirograms have always fascinated me, and you have created a really nice set of a size that can give you some really spectacular tracings.<br><br>You might want to try some oval tracks where the length is significantly greater than the width. <br><br>Some of the more interesting designs would be difficult to produce with machinery, but rather be done on an x-y plotter or similar computer graphics output device. For example slowly decreasing the radius of of one or both of the wheels for each incremental move of one wheel. I did some software that did that, but lost it when the plotter died.<br><br>Great work, and another justification to add to my pile for buying my own CNC router.
Congrats on being a finalist, and good luck!
Also I noticed how you were setting your Z to 0000 you can get a tool set that works well with Mach3 on ebay for 20.00, or they are easy to make they are very handy when using different thickness material.It will set your bit to zero using Mach3 and you wont have to touch your router when zeroing out.
Nice work, take a look at my structable in the cnc section 0% dust brush for rotozip, I believe you can get the vac att. to fit your router this works so well I am able to run my machine in the house, that is when my wifes out anyway very nice work
I had a Spirograph when I was a kid. I loved it! I don't have the equipment to do this project - but the only thing I can think of to add would be some pictures of the designs that can be made with your project. It's possible that not everyone would know what this can do. (You want to make me one?)<br><br>Good job!
First Instructable and featured! <br>Congratulations!

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