This Instructable is about making a custom stomp pad for a snowboard. It uses CNC Design, CNC Programming and CNC Plasma Cutting to get the entire job done. It first starts out on the computer side of CNC, then moves on to the Machining side of CNC.

You can also view the project at:

Then on the left click on the video series. I am trying to video each step in the CNC Process so people new to the Hobby can get an overview.

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Step 1: CNC Stomp Pad 1 | CNC Project Intro | CNC Tutorial Video | CNC Plasma Cutting | G-Code Programming | CAD | CAM | DIY CNC | GCode

CNC Stomp Pad 1 | CNC Project Introduction | CNC Tutorial Video

CNC Project that is shot in a tutorial sequence. It goes from the Design, CAD, CAM, Control, CNC Plasma Cutting and then final as CNC Project that is shot in a tutorial sequence. It goes from the Design, CAD, CAM, Control, CNC Plasma Cutting and then final assembly. Check out this CNC How-To.
First we go over the project goals and why we are doing this. We also outline the steps of the project and also the software we will use.

Ivan Irons
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Hello, and welcome to the Instructables community! This currently does not meet our criteria for an Instructable. A completed Instructable: <br/><br/>- details a finished project with instruction (not just links to instructions) <br/>- has clear images that you took of your project (web-found clip-art is not acceptable) <br/>- uses proper spelling and grammar <br/>- contains appropriate cautions or safety considerations <br/>- does not violate someone else's copyright <br/>- does not violate the Instructables terms of service <br/>- is typically written about something you are very passionate about and want to share. <br/><br/>If this is a comment, a question, a small tip, or something that cannot truly be a finish project, please post it as a forum topic. If you are looking to start a collaboration, post a topic in the forums. Look here for tips on writing a great Instructable. <br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ELHMNOA69REUF10WM7/">https://www.instructables.com/id/ELHMNOA69REUF10WM7/</a> <br/><br/>So, it has been unpublished. Please do not republish until it has been corrected. When you republish, if everything is fixed, I'll remove this note. Multiple attempts to republish without correction will result in deletion.<br/>
I'd like to disagree with you. This looks like a very solid instructable. Maybe you have different "standards" then the rest of us, but I find no problems at all with this 'ible at all.
It has been changed since that comment was posted. That's why it said this will be unpublished. When ivanirons republished it looked better, so that cimment doesn't apply anymore.
<p>When I checked this, cncinformation.com was suspended.</p>
<p>Funny I went to your cnc site </p><p><a href="http://www.cncinformation.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.cncinformation.com</a></p><p>when you try to sign up free .....by clicking on the site marker ,it takes you to a </p><p>Page .That's says </p><p>&quot;You are not authorised to view this resource.<br>You need to login.&quot; .usually you will have a register spot where the log in is ..</p>
<p>If anybody needs help with the CNC programming there is a learn at home course that is very helpful:</p><p><a href="http://www.ciebookstore.com/cnc-programming-course" rel="nofollow">http://www.ciebookstore.com/cnc-programming-course</a></p>
Great tutorial! I'm interested in doing something similar and wonder if there's an online retailer you could recommend that sells traction spikes similar to yours?
Your machine cuts very cool, I'm buildin my own one
If you want to get those completely flus you can counter taper off the holes in the spikes and enlarge the hole in the plate with a taper. Due to the thinness of that plate they may rip off pretty easy. As is I would cut a hole in the tape where it covers the screw and with the tapes thickness it should sit flush. Nice video series. I hope to build a CNC one day. They are pretty popular know so the knowledge base is growing thats to guys like you. Thanks.
Thanks for publishing. I think the videos are incredibly clear, and this is a useful set of instructions for anyone starting out in CNC. This tutorial looks good, but needs pictures to really shine on the site. What tends to happen is that instructables without pictures get lost in the crowd and don't see many hits. It's because thumbnails that define the instructable when a user first sees it are generated by the images within, and without images, it looks generic. Would you mind getting pictures of the process (screencaps would be fine) and resubmitting after you've edited them in?

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